Help Doxy Find a Pet Wheelchair

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There are many reasons animals come through the doors of the Houston SPCA, and in the case of Doxy, it’s especially heartbreaking. Doxy is a two and a half year old Dachshund mix who was born with a congenital birth condition which prevented her two front legs from becoming fully formed. Doxy is housetrained, well mannered and having partially formed front legs has not stopped her from living life to the fullest. Sadly, her owner and family are moving out of the country and are unable to take Doxy along. Doxy can walk on her two back legs, but in order to be completely mobile she really needs a pet wheelchair specifically designed for her. A custom made pet wheelchair or canine cart will allow Doxy to become more mobile, go for walks, and play with all the other dogs. It will also help to relieve pressure from her hip joints which may possibly cause future long term medical issues such as arthritis. In addition, it will prevent her from scraping her upper body on the ground when she gets tired from holding her body up on her two back legs. The veterinary staff is currently working towards getting Doxy ready for her forever family and would like to have the wheelchair as a part of her adoption package. If you would like to donate a pet wheelchair to help Doxy so she may live a long and healthy life, please contact the Houston SPCA at 713.869.7722 ext. 127. Visit to make a donation to give homeless animals, like Doxy, a second chance at life!
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