Help with Halloween costume for a large dog?


Question by Last But Not Least: Help with Halloween costume for a large dog?
I know it’s early, but my husband and I are having a huge party this year for Halloween. We’re going all-out, and I just have to dress up my dog somehow. The hard part is that she’s a German Shorthair Pointer, so she’s pretty big…costumes from the pet stores are either ridiculously expensive or just too small for her.

I want to think of something creative she could be and try to make it. She doesn’t mind wearing “shirts” or different types of collars but she won’t keep anything on her head or feet. So basically, my only option is some type of shirt with things on it..somehow?

I’m not good at sewing, but I can work with a good idea if you have any. Thanks!

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Answer by Erika
Make her a mummy dog – ace bandages! No sew.

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  1. Use a cute black shirt and add legs for a spider look. You could gather the shirt with elastic at the bottom to stuff it. Or use an orange shirt and stuff it for a very cute pumpkin. Wings sewn on to a shirt for a bat or angel would also be adorable!!

  2. I know this might be difficult but you could try to find novelty parts of other animals and then drees her up as that. For example maybe a hog or a bear (probably more difficult) and maybe you could find some antlers and dress her up like a reindeer (probably more Christmassy, I apologize if you don’t celebrate Christmas).For Halloween last year I dressed my ShihTzu up as a pumpkin but that is more of a smaller dog thing.
    Ok, Sorry if I was of no help and your welcome if I was.

  3. If your dog will wear things on her head, buy the cat ears for humans.
    Or ace bandages for a mummy.
    You can make a sign for her to wear around her neck that says “Will Work For Food” and she can go as a stray.

  4. Do you have a theme for your party?> Or know what you and your husband are going to wear? That might give us some direction here.

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