Hill’s Pet Nutrition Video Our Promise

Dr. Weil's Vitamin Advisor

We are devoted to making the highest-quality pet foods available with great taste and outstanding value. Learn more at www.hillspet.com
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5 comments on “Hill’s Pet Nutrition Video Our Promise

  1. Best food you can buy and feed your pets! They also live longer on this food.

  2. mia is so healthy and beautiful thanks to this food best pet food ever made

  3. twistedxxlogic

    It makes me sad that not only is this corn-filled food one of the worst things you can feed your pets, but it is also recommended by far too many veterinarians and revered by far too many pet owners. Please do your research on dog and cat food ingredients and realize that there are much better food options out there!

  4. my dog has itcy skin from this stuff. this is shit. don t buy it it contain many grains whith is not good for dogs and it is low on protein

  5. thanks for caring so much! adopted my 6 year year old cat 2 months ago. he eats Hill’s Science diet and loves it. Looks great and is very active and happy.

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