Homeward Bound Ii: Lost In San Francisco

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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    homeward bound 2, September 12, 2005
    A Kid’s Review

    this is one of the best films I have seen yet.

    As you already know is is the second movie of the homeward bound series starring all the same charactors sassy, chance and shaddow in this movie the family are going on a trip over seas. But this time their taking the animals, but after chance and his owner Jamie have a fight during a baseball game chance thinks that jamies sending him away back to the pound when hes really just going into his cage in the plane. So he escapes leaving shadow and sassy to follow him they get lost in san francisco trying to find their way home with dog catchers and dog gangs all around will they get home in time youll just have wait and see

    from Blake Laurie of new zealand auckland

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    Very different themes from the first one, February 12, 2004
    By A Customer

    I bought this CD based on the reviews that were posted here and on how much my family loved the first movie, HBI, but I cannot figure out how people like this movie about the same as the first one (average 4 1/2 stars).

    HBII is loaded with politically correct themes. The female animals are naturally smarter and stronger than the male ones. Some dogs “speak” ebonics and they, of course, are the “good guys” whereas those that speak “white” (but with a NJ, Philly or NY accent) are naturally the “bad guys”.

    There are slight departures from political correctness in this movie in that it has no trouble with poking fun of the stuttering dog character (which is made fun of by one of the ebonics-speaking dogs in the movie); same goes for the “hillbilly” dog and the french poodle character (a stereotype you can probably imagine).

    This movie is also alot more violent than the first. In HBII you have snarling dogs, a burning building (with a child trapped inside), dogs biting humans (the bad white humans of course), dogs fighting dogs, children bullying other children, children being mean to dogs, gangster dogs wanting to “get” Sassie the cat (the language used was: “you know what I want” and “She’s mine”).

    In HBII you see Chance abandoning Shadow and Sassie when the gangster dogs attack them, leaving Shadow to fight it out alone. Chance also is not as spirited as in the first movie – he is too busy “falling in love”, getting rejected, and then getting back together with a dog. Just who is this movie targeted for?

    The whole movie has a mean-spiritedness that is missing from the first movie. You also hear alot less of the music that was so great in HBI.

    Unlike HBI where Shadow, Chance and Sassie interact with each other and show (or grow to show) great affection for each other, HBII has the three for the most part dealing with the other dogs than with each other. That same chemistry isn’t there.

    Where Sassie was a tolerably lovable curmudgeon in HBI, here she is just outright mean. The other dogs in this movie are really annoying as well – especially the female dog that speaks ebonics (Sample language: “thats right chump, run” and “you goin’ down” followed by a grunt that expresses the use of force as she takes her bite). Very nice.

    The bad white humans in HBII are also excessively mean with one of them telling the driver of the truck they are in at one point to “run them over” whereupon he proceeds to make a great effort to step on the gas. At one point one of them actually says, “they’re going to light you up like a freakin’ Christmas tree”. Is this language really necessary?

    It seems to me that Disney let some dysfunctional 20 somethings write the screenplay for this. Although it appears to be for children, dogs and children being the primary characters, it probably is suited more for the kind of children that will end up in juvenile hall. Garbage, pure garbage.

    Buy the first one; its five stars easy. This one gets one star only because of the cinematography (made easy by being filmed in San Francisco).

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  3. Purrrfectcat "purrfectcat"
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Cruisin in San Francisco!, February 15, 2004
    Purrrfectcat “purrfectcat” (San Francisco, CA USA) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    I loved the video. it was great, not as warm as HB1 but still good. Chance as usual not willing to follow orders and stay in his traveling box to Canada, runs out of the plane, forcing Sassie and Shadow to chase after him. They all wind up in San Francisco. They get rescued by some feral dogs from a couple of mean dogs. Chance falls in love with a dog. 2 dirtylooking mean guys roam around in a red truck catching animals until near the end when the ferals and the trio swamp them. One funny scene had Chance trapped in the red van with other dogs and Sassie on the outside telling him to admit “Cats Rule” in order to be freed. There was a scene where the 2 guys accidentally throw a cigarette at a house which causes a fire and so Shadow goes in to save a little boy and Sassie goes in to save the boy’s kitten–this is the same boy that Sassie had tried to beg some food from earlier but Chance had ruined her chances by showing up. funny. It was a really funny, nice, fast video. Shadow as usual was his old and wise self.

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