Horse auction?

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Question by Cowboy Up: Horse auction?
I found a government website that is horses for “adoption” in Wyoming. Min bid is $ 125 sounds like an auction to me. Anyone been to it? Is it worth going? Can you buy young horses (colts… ect) or is it just bigger horses. If it was worth the trip I was thinking about going (I’m from TX so its a long trip), but I dont want to waste my time

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Answer by rockerchic821
This Internet auction is for wild mustangs rounded up by the Bureau of Land Management. You can get colts and mares of all different ages. Sometimes they have geldings who have already been green broke, but these fetch a higher price. Just be sure you have experience with untrained horses. You wouldn’t want a mustang to be your first student. Good luck with your bidding!

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  1. if you are competeing in rodeos or breed shows those things with tough competition i wouldnt do it b/c there probably isnt that good of horses if there just putting them up for adoption but w/e u want to do if your just gonna trail ride… go for it

  2. This is a BLM auction
    These are wild horses rounded up from the wild and placed up for auction/adoption.
    Read through the contract for what you have to provide and how thay have to be cared for and see if you qualify.
    They are adopted not exactly sold.
    I have a friend who bought one years ago as a yearling. He is a very nice riding horse with a wonderful soft kind temepermant. He rides really well and is a great trail horse.

  3. Every one who has answered your questions are accurate. I live in Montana and this is the auction-adoption for BLM horses. They do request an application and you must commit to your horses life and lively hood. These are not for inexperanced horse handlers. If your experianced they are awesome animals- if your new to equines- find a local older horse to learn from and work your way into a wild horse later.

  4. Unless you really want a wild mustang and you are a verry experienced trainer, I wouldn’t waste my time.

  5. There are government auctions of wild mustangs and burros from the BLM (Bureau of Land Management). They have them all over the country. The horses come with a halter and lead. There is obviously no guarantee that they are anything other than a horse (or burro as the case may be). I have several friends who have gotten horses from the BLM, however they are experienced trainers who have trained “wild” horses before. They are all wonderful animals, but they went through alot to get to that point. If this in indeed a BLM auction, I would recommend you either have alot of training experience, or you have the assistance of someone who’s trained mustangs before. The site below is the homepage of the BLM’s Adoption program, it will have alot more information.

  6. It sounds like it is a sale for the wild horses that the BLM puts on. The min bid usually is about $ 125, BUT there are a lot of restrictions for the buyers. I don’t know them all but one of the is that you MUST have a stock trailer to haul them home. Another is that you MUST have a pen/corral with a 6′ fence. I believe there is a max and min size for that corral as well.

    The horses come in all sizes and ages so you can choose from a variety. It is an adoption but there will be many there. Some may want the same horse you do therefore it will be auctioned off to the highest bidder at that point.

    If you do not want to drive all that way, I would suggest that you wait until a sale comes to TX. Check the web site for upcoming auctions. I live in VA and they come around about once every couple of years or so. Because of all the restrictions, I have never bothered.

  7. I’d get more info on that auction somehow. Some “government auctions” are actually herd reductions for the wild mustangs. They group the horses, keep some back for adoption, and let a select few back out onto the range. This insures population control and general health maintenance. There are guidelines you have to follow when adopting…not everyone is eligible. Also, adopting a wild horse requires a lot of experience in handling horses and can be a big responsibility.

  8. I know there are a lot of auction in southern ok at hardy murphy every year such as gains and jude little

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