House training birds?

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Question by Chris C: House training birds?
We have a free flying pet lovebird. Is there any way of “house training” it to poop in a certain area instead of all over?

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Answer by marryme_alig
Ewww! No! Keep it in its cage.

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  1. you can read about it

  2. you shouldn’t let him free fly if your complaiing about the messy poo poo everywhere. the only answer to your question is to clip the wings. thats the only way to control the free flying poo poo. and besides, think of all the extra time you and the lovebird will have when he’s always on your shoulder. isn’t that the reason you bought one ?. but i hope he doesn’t bite you for taking away his freedom ? good luck

  3. You can train your bird to poo in certain areas if you can get it to use perches instead of just landing anywhere in the house. My parrot has 3 perches that she uses and I just put newspaper under them.

  4. NOPE. Sorry. They don’t have any control over that part of themselves like other pets do.
    There are diapers you can get. They is a company that makes “flight suiits” so that you don’t have poo all over.
    Go to

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