How can a man finds a “box jellyfish”?

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Question by cbt: How can a man finds a “box jellyfish”?

Before you ask, yes, I’m looking for it because of the movie “7 pounds”. I want to give it as a gift to a very important person for me. It is her only wish.

I heard it is illegal in US. But, what if I make someone in the US to send it to Turkey. Is this legal?

Even it is NOT legal, can I find someone to send it?

I am planning on talking local pet shops here to learn, if they can find anyone to make this shipment. Do you think the pet shop owner can find someone to do this?

My another question is, If it is impossible for US where else can I find one?

And what do you think the price would be?

Any other information about this topic woul do great help..

Thanks in advance.
I’ve found a possible seller;

For the topic:

For the seller’s account:

But it doesn’t seem trustable.

Their number is “0192717969/0123757529”. What country is it?

Best answer:

Answer by brddg1974
You’re saying you want to spend how many years in jail?

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  1. I’m fairly certain that you will not be able to find the most venomous animal on the planet and give it as a gift.

    It’s best not to copy movies.

    I’d recommend settling for this because they are cute, and can’t kill you-

  2. Mans can go to the zoo

  3. Box jellyfish belong to the family Cubgoza. This family contains some of the most venomous invertebrates on the planet. To keep one would be highly irresponsible and only the most dedicated and experienced marine fishkeepers should even consider keeping one. All jellyfish require specialist care and you would have to invest in a small fortune to keep one successfully.

    Due to the fact that these are highly venomous they can be considered as dangerous animals so you would also have problems with obtaining a license to keep one.

    As for the telephone numbers you have qouted I know that the 01237 number is the code for the Devon area in the United kingdom.

  4. Reasons not to buy a box jellyfish:
    1. They are lethally poisonous to humans, so if you slip once while caring for your pet you get chemical burns and could die.
    2. They are seven feet long and require a tank that is thousands and thousands of gallons in size. Also, all jellyfish get stuck in square tanks. They require circular tanks without corners to get stuck in and a continuous, specially designed current that won’t suck them in. This, on top of maintaining high quality salt water, is expensive.
    3. They require multiple daily feedings and lots of expert attention
    4. Box jellyfish are illegal to keep as pets

    If you are determined to keep a jellyfish as a pet, maybe you should try one of the smaller species. Box jellyfish are seven feet long. Other jellyfish are three inches long. Even so, the circular tanks, continous current, live food, and salt water required to maintain a jellyfish make it an expensive pet that would not stay alive if you mess up. You would have to do quite a lot of research and become an expert in your pet before getting it.

    Please read this discussion on keeping jellyfish as pets.

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