How can I get my third cat to be more sociable?


Question by cheap_thrylls: How can I get my third cat to be more sociable?
I have a huge “pet” family. A golden retriever, a terrier/sheltie mix and now three cats. This question pertains to my newest cat, it came into the house basically only a couple of months old and weaned. It took a little time but the three cats can now be in the same room although the kitten is very aggressive with my older cats. I expect the distance with the dogs, but the kitten is very anti-social with the “people” family (me, wife and kids). I’ve always had luck just letting them find their place and observe interaction with the other pets, but this kitten refuses to be held or rarely seen. This has been for months now so any “new home” psychosis should be in the past. We can only get close to the kitten at feeding time. We’ve tried picking her up at feeding time, and softly petting her. As soon as released, she is off like a shot though. Any suggestions what to do so she will become part of the family and not be a lone wolf?

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Answer by lovemysailor02
What i did to get my cat who was like that to come around was I would go fine where she was was hiding and sit next to her there and talk to her and tell her it was ok. Over time she finally came around.

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