How can I keep my dog from licking everything?

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Question by boogers: How can I keep my dog from licking everything?
I have the greatest dog ever. Just one little thing. She licks constantly. It’s really annoying. If I go to pet her head, she puts her head back and has to lick my hand. It’s especially frustrating when she does it to guests. I have told her “NO Licking” but she has no idea what that means. Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind a little kiss on the hand every once in a while, but it’s all the time and sometimes I just can’t stand to even pet her. Any suggestions?
I heard it’s a sign of disrespect from your dog if they always have to lick people.
I understand she is a dog and dogs lick. I am just trying to take it down a notch.

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Answer by chococoffee2
I’ve never heard that its a sign of disrespect…however, sounds like you are talking about MY dog. I have the exact same problem with her! So, no, I don’t have an answer, but I’m looking forward to seeing who DOES answer this question.

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  1. I am Joe LittleBear…. (Native American) I raised and sold Doberman Pinchers and Golden Retrievers for 12 years… In my experience, I have encountered two reasons why you dog licks all the time…. The first, is that your dog is insecure. You may not be aware of this, but the leader of a pack shows his underlings that he is the Alpha male by looking over their head, rather than directly at them….this demonstrates his superiority and gives notice that they are inferior….whereas, a direct, hostile stare conveys the message that he is displeased with them and punishment may follow…… It is important to a pack animal that they be recognized as family….. this is most apparent when the leader consents to licking their ears, particularly the tips and the interior of their ears which they themselves can not reach….When you dog licks you hand, it may be begging for assurance that it has not been exiled from the family…try scratching gently inside the ears, the response should be that your dog will turn it’s head as if it wants you to go deeper inside the ear,,,, carefully,gently,… not to damage the interior parts…..this should be pleasurable and comforting to the dog….. finish by stroking the length of the outer flap of the ears from the head to the tips between the thumb and fingers, Also scratch around the outer base of the ears… this is a ceremony which will reassure the animal of it’s place in the pack, or family…THEY NEED THIS,….. Just like wives who ask their husbands…. ” Do you still love me ?” after they have been married for 10 years……Just like husbands, we tend to ignore the small things that we did when we first met……because we are busy with other things, and we assume that they already KNOW that ! … we don’;t bother to do it any more…. Love is like a campfire, ….if you don’t feed it occassionally, it will burn down and go out…Both pet owners and wives and husbands could learn that lesson..While I was tending my Roses, I saw a particularly large and perfect one….. I cut it and presented it to my wife of 23 years…. (not her birthday or any anniversary, just because I thought of her ) she was so overwhelmed by the surprise, that she cryed…tears of joy……… If I had given her a new car, it wouldn’t have meant more… was her reassurance that she was still valued and loved….. because I did it without any prompting………. If your pet looks at you and starts licking it’s tongue at you without touching, then reciprocate by copying this, “licking the air,” in it’s direction,,,, this is the canine version of “throwing a kiss “…and is reassurring to it that it is still in your good graces…. The second reason, could be that your pet is lacking some mineral in it’s diet….Salt, for instance, is present in sweat, and in other objects…you might want to be sure that your pet is getting all the minerals and vitamins it needs… but this is less likely than the first, unless you have tried to convert your pet to be a vegetarian…Canines are not strictly meat-eaters,…they do mix some vegetables, even fruit into their diet….My Doberman likes peaches and pineapple, and loves Watermelon…. yes watermelon…..he will eat it clean to the green rind….on a hot day, both the red and the white portions….He prefers all kinds of meat, even fish and seafood, but likes cooked beans, potatoes etc…. Don’t believe the lies the Vets tell you that dogs can’t taste or see colors….My Golden retrievers definitely are attracted by yellow, while the Dobermans prefer red…Both prefer table scraps to their dog food…. they will eat the “people food ” first, then turn to their dog food… Remember also, that if YOU are not the leader of the pack that they can follow and respect, then it is in their nature to challenge you for leadership….Good luck and God Bless…

  2. can you tell me if she was a shelter dog?, If she was, she must think that she needs to tell you lots of times that she loves you, she must of thought that her previous owner let her go because she never gave him/her enough love, but if she isn’t she thinks it’s a lovely gesture. I think she thinks theres food on your hand, all dogs at real good smell, you should feed her well, like biscuits on the floor next to her water, if she does this, put your hands in fists and cross your hands and ignore her, tell your guest to do this so she knows if you lick my hands I don’t like it and I’m gonna ignore you, but when you do want her to, just try the best to pat her instead.

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