How can I put my pet fish on a diet?

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Question by KoKoKiTTy is depressed: How can I put my pet fish on a diet?
my mom over feeds my fish. she feeds them multiple times a day, every day.
they are extremely obese, as obese as a fish can get.
I am worried they will suffer impaction, swim bladder disease and other complications.

How can I “diet” my fish?? I love my fish, I don’t want them to die.

I have betta fish and cory cats.

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Answer by Kylie Anne
tell her to stop feeding them so much. feed once a day or a very small amount twice a day and skip one day a week. they’ll look normal soon enough, fish don’t lose fat like people do, they just need to pass the extra food in them

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  1. As Kylie said, fish don’t get fat like we do, that “fat” they’re showing is almost definitely a result of gut compaction.

    Tell your mom to stop feeding the fish, hide the fish food. Do not feed your fish at all for a few days and make sure their water quality is immaculate. Then feed them all a little cooked de-shelled pea if they’ll take it – this acts as a fish laxative.

    If they go back to looking “normal” you can then resume feeding them BUT say only once a day, and skipping a day entirely once a week.

  2. they should be fed once a day from now on. Feed them twice when they return to normal.

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