How can you tell if a person is a true “cat whisperer”?

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Question by KrzyKatLady_13: How can you tell if a person is a true “cat whisperer”?
I seem to have the ability to get cats that the owners have said don’t like to be petted and especially picked up, and yet everytime the cat allows me to pet it AND pick it up. It leaves the owners shocked, and they always say, “Oh my God! He/she never lets anyone pick him/her up, they always fight and run away. I can’t believe it, look she’s holding him/her!” Am I considered a “cat whisperer”? Can somebody tell me whether or not I truly am a crazy cat lady; or, that I do have a special connection\powers with them?

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Sorry, crazy cat lady. No one has “powers” over pets (escpecially cats) but it’s still nice to be able to calm cats down.

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  1. A true cat whisperer does not have to ask. They also have a vast knowledge of cat habits and are natural “cat detectives” – they look at things from the cat’s point of view and understand how to overcome their human perspective. You aren’t born a cat whisperer, you become one out of your affection for these unique, beautiful animals. So your heart is in the right place, and your question should have been “how do I become a cat whisperer’ if you are truly interested, but it goes beyond a natural ability to sooth an animal. However, that is a great start and it is nice that you can share contact with otherwise skittish cats. good luck

  2. I think what it could be, is that animals know when someone likes them. It could be that we have a quieter, gentler way with cats. Maybe it’s like the other person said, a “vibe.” I think that our energy projects and they feel that. I guess I must just be a crazy cat lady, too. =)

  3. No way for us to answer that. It could be that you just “project” a quieter “vibe”, and the cats respond to that. My daughter has that same effect with cats. She’s more laid-back and quieter than the rest of the family, and the cats all love her, even when they run from some of the rest. ENJOY whatever this is………..Merry Christmas……..

  4. Cotton Tablecloth

    Is the person a fictional character? No?

    Then they’re not a true cat whisper.

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