how do i get my parents to let me get a pet?

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Question by : how do i get my parents to let me get a pet?
i just got a lizard which died right away and i still have all the stuff: cage, lights, stuff i paid hundreds for. and now she says, “nope you cant have any more, were done with pets” i bought a fish tank and put some pond fish in and they will just die soon. i have enough mony by myself but they still say no. i loooove animals, how can i get them to let me have a pet?????

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Answer by Amberr
Show them that you’ll do what ever it takes to get another pet. Chores, helping around the house, and slowly bring it back up. My parents told me i couldn’t have anymore pets, but i started doing chores and helping and showing that i am responsible and now i am getting a Chinchilla this week (: Just have to show them your responsible.

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