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Question by What du talkin bout Willis: How do I get my stubborn neighbor to understand that she needs to feed her dog better food?
Okay, many of us pet owners who have the Internet know what the popular dog foods are made of. Very bad ingredients. But people who don’t have the Internet, like my friend, put so much trust in their vet recommending the food that they make high profits off of. I have tried to tell her that the Hills Science Diet her vet tells her to buy is so bad for her dog but she doesn’t even let me start. She goes on about how she feeds her dog the best food, “it’s very expensive, it’s from the vet” she says.

And what is it made from? Top ingredient “Corn”.

So how can I tell her without making her feel dumb that her vet doesn’t know much about nutrition which is clearly seen in the food he pushes for her to buy?
Right now her Chow/Collie mix is in the Animal Hospital on IV’s because she has a very very poor blood panel result. She was in the Animal Hospital less than a year ago for a similar problem. I hear my neighbor constantly telling our friends how her poor dog has so much trouble, with her digestion and poops.

I do care about my neighbor and if her dog dies, she will feel awful. But if her dog comes through, it would be better to start feeding her premium dog food. Can anyone help? Should I leave an anonymous letter to her in the mail about these bad pet foods?
Timpala, you obviously did not read the question. This dog IS having problems. Major problems!

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Answer by MamaBas
Mmm I had a neighbour who was a bit like this one. She knew it all, and had the money to back it up too. Unfortunately at the end of the day, you can’t force your opinions on anybody but you could perhaps point out that just maybe her vet bills would be lower if she tried another brand of food – and that vets make lots of money promoting Hills, which isn’t right for all dogs ? To say nothing of preventing her poor dog from all these vet visits? Perhaps she might start to listen, after this latest bout of ill-health!

Assuming this is the case, you might say your dogs seem to be far healthier on **** – although she may take offence and you might lose her as a friend!

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  1. I have mixed opinions about this question. First off, I have had a dog that lived to be 18 and a dog that lived to be 16 on the worst grocery store cheap dog food. I now have researched dog food an feed my 6 year old Boston Terrier Canidae dog food. I used to feed him Innova, but it didn’t agree with him. I personally think that if the dog is older and isn’t having any problems with the food, I wouldn’t change anything. A new puppy is a different story. I compare it to Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones. If that guy stops drinking and doing drugs, he would throw off his whole system. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Talk to her, but don’t make her feel dumb. Print off some articles from the internet and present them to her. Offer to go to the pet store with her and help her pick out a good food.

    Try comparing her current food with something you’re feeding. Explain the difference in ingredients… tell her of how a super-premium food can save money on vet bills. Show her some online testimonials.

    One thing that always seems to help stubborn people is this: show her her dog’s teeth. Those are carnivore teeth… NOT corn eating teeth ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Buy some and take it as a present and say you really like the dog and wanted to do it. I try to persuade through education and a little guilt. I talk about how special the pet is and point out the valuable/good/pretty type qualities and sometimes they feel more positive about the animal and think of it as something worth attention. Tell her about a personal experience(even if you have to manufacture one) about how one of your or your relative’s pet had a similar problem and that is what was done to solve it. Take it more than once. Quietly keep tabs on it. If she seems overly grateful, dismiss it and tell her that it’s just what you do in life ,your special interest, no big deal. Guilt is good but not too far or she will avoid you. Stay friendly and subtly educate. Yes, vets are good with medicine but sometimes lacking in behavioral or nutrition issues.

  4. Destinyโ„ข

    Well, most times vets will tell you something just to get money – Not all vets are good vets. As for the food, you need to keep talking to her about it. Either tell her to go on the internet and look up brands of dog food or you can print something out and give it to her. You can also try the anonymous letter. If you google dog food brands, it should let you know the good and bad ones, read all the ingredients. I feed my dogs Canidae and Raw Diet. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. caitlyncataclysm

    Nah, don’t leave the anon letters.
    Talk to her about it.
    RECOMMEND something better.
    Tell her how vital good dog food is for her love bug’s health.
    Hope this helps.

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