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Question by tara b: how do I get rid of these FLEAS?
My roommates have animals and now my bedroom is just infested with fleas. I kinda forgot to shut my door all the way and they’d push it open. they are not taking the initiative to get rid of the fleas themselves and claim that they and their pets have “allergies” to basically everything known to man. I’m looking for a home remedy or does anyone know if I can just bug bomb my bedroom and put a towel under the door and would it work without gassing the whole house?

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Answer by Rachel D
You’d have to get rid of all of the fleas at once, or else they’ll just come back into your room. Your roommates sound like jerks, tell them they need to get rid of the fleas because their pets are suffering.

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  1. The safest and cheapest method of getting rid of fleas is to use a mixture of boric acid and salt. The powder should be sprayed on carpets, bedding and areas frequented by pets. More information on getting rid of fleas is available at

  2. Tell your roommate that they need to axe the fleas or ditch the pets. It’s harsh, but that’s the way it needs to be. Fleas are bad for pets and people. They carry diseases and make really itchy bumps. Tell your roommates that they’re going to get tapeworms or something, maybe then they’ll listen.

  3. simplysweetnsexi

    Fleas on an animal is cruel, can you imagine fleas crawling all over you biting you 24/7 & the itch! PLUS the diseases fleas spread & can spread to you if they bite you also. I raise persians & they are usually the most problematic as far as allergies go. I have never had a problem with with Frontline Plus or knew anyone who had a problem with it & I know a lot of professional show breeders. The animals are going to have to leave the house to spray, take to vet, get the Capstar pill so fleas jump off there, leave them 2 or 3 hours, spray while they are out. Fronline Plus before they come back in. You will also need to spray every 7 to 10 days max about 3 times total to get the eggs that will hatch also in carpet, curtains, linens etc.

  4. If you bomb your room, you will need to evacuate the whole house, and the fleas will just come back into your room over time because flea eggs are sticky.

    Call your roommates for what they are–neglectful pet owners. I highly doubt that they’ve bothered to even phone their vet for a recommendation of what is safe for their pets to take for fleas. Maybe you should let them know that fleas carry tapeworms which not only do their pets probably now have, but people can get as well. Do your roomates want TAPEWORMS? Not to mention, many pets have flea allergies anyway.

    You should consider bombing the entire house, depending on the severity of the infestion, or calling an exterminator. (The whole house has to be evacuated though.)

    Your roommates need to step up and treat their animals for fleas, and they need to use a high quality product such as Frontline Plus or Revolution.

  5. I would buy the bug bombs that specifically list the product as killing fleas. This will alleviate all of the adult fleas in your room for about 14 days..

    The laundry booster Borax is one of the best long term flea solving products. Buy a box and poke small holes in the box to make it like a salt shaker. Vacuum all the infected parts of your living area and make sure that bag stays outside. Then sprinkle Borax into the carpets and broom it in whenever it looks heavy.

    You will need to reapply Borax every time that you vacuum for the next several weeks. Borax will dry out the eggs, the larvae will eat the borax and die. That leaves the pupa. A nuclear blast wouldn’t kill the flea in its pupa stage. Therefore you will need to *wait it out* until the pupa hatches as an adult flea. Once you get this under control you should continue to use Borax at least once per month and you will probably never see a flea again.

  6. bombing you room shuold be fine just block the cracks around the door with duct tape

  7. first you would need to treat the animals take them to your vet and have them bathed in flea shampoo then dipped in flea dip and then after that give them some frontline to keep fleas of them and before they leave the tell the vet you want a pill called Capstar it makes all the fleas jump off the animal and while the animal is at the vet you would need to bomb the whole place not just one room

  8. if you just bomb your bedroom, then you will jsut be carrying the blasted things in on your clothes etc. you need to talk candidly to your roommates about this. if they still won’t do anything about it then you may have no choice but to move. if you do, then you need to bomb everything as soon as you get there so tehy don’t have a chance to get a hold in your new place

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