How do I sign up for beta email?

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Question by kathleen w: How do I sign up for beta email?
I recieved an email ‘inviting’ me to sign up yet there is no link or any instructions on how to do it. I have now spent more time on this venture than is reasonable in this day an age of computers. I’m wondering if Yahoo really wants customers. If they do, it should be at our fingertips.
P.S. What”s with the CATEGORIZE THE QUESTION thing you have to answer. It makes no sense. How in the world does this question fit into those categorizes? Since I can’t submit this question until I pick one I’ll choose PET”S. This ordeal took me so long my dog missed his walk.

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Answer by sunson06
In your Yahoo Mail home page, find this link “Yahoo Mail Beta” or somthing related in the center of the page. I don’t remember exactly. Besides, you must use US Yahoo Mail so that you can convert your mail to Mail Beta

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