How do I thank all who answered “poison pet food “?.?

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Question by daver: How do I thank all who answered “poison pet food “?.?
Thank all of you for not making a joke of the seriousness of the Pet food problem ! DAVER.

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Answer by jmrob29
Let me tell you…after the 1,000,000th person asking the same question over and over again I finally had to log off. I just couldn’t stand it any longer…I was going to start entering stupid answers because they questions were soooooooo repetitive. Gosh – can’t people read previous posters questions?!!!

Even with all the freaked out idiots out there I did manage to not respond with snide or glib answers.

Thank you for the “thank you”.

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  1. desertjewelcats

    If you truly want to do something to thank them, give the good posts a “thumbs up.” It is worth a point to them.

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