How do I train my dog to stop biting people?


Question by sammyd: How do I train my dog to stop biting people?
I adopted a foster dog from the shelter. He is a rescue dog from a house of 25 other dogs and my home was his first experience being a “pet”.

He is a very loving dog, and a perfect pet to my family. However, when people come to the house he freaks out. We will calm him down, but he will follow the guests around and snap at them when he can. I can’t figure out what his problem is or what to do about it. The other day he snipped at a two year old girl, who was not threatening him at all.

He is two years old and a mid sized dog, a little bigger than a cocker spaniel.

Please help!

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Answer by shallytally
Snap him on the nose with a rolled up newspaper when he does it. Negative response teaches them.

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  2. ***Do not ever, ever hit, strike, “snap” (whatever that means) or punish your dog for this behavior.*** That being said, it is NOT an acceptable behavior – and you need to think very carefully about why you have let a dog that you know has biting problems loose around children. This is very irresponsible of you and someone can sue you rightfully for allowing your dog to bite their child or themself.
    You need to seek the help of a behaviorist. In the meantime, get a plastic basket muzzle for your dog so that you are not endangering people any more. I cannot stress the seriousness of your situation enough. Your dog can be helped, but he must not be put in the position of having to “protect” or “guard” you from others, at all. And once again – you must not hit your dog as punishment unless you want to get a bad bite yourself. That is NOT the way to solve the problem. Neither is alpha-rolling him.

    Here are links for behaviorists:

    and here’s a link to find positive trainers:

  3. Say “No Bite! Off!” that’s how you train dogs.

  4. I would think that u need some professional training for him and soon! its really sad and not the poor dogs fault, but u have to consider the safety of other people, this is a serious problem that you are going to need help with.

  5. Ask Michael Vick (doh). First of all congratulation on getting a shelter dog I think thats much more caring then getting a breeder. I’m not a dog trainer, but I would recommend a muzzle for now at least. You never said how long you’ve had him so he might just need some time to settle down and adjust.

  6. Neal the Preacher

    Discipline him in love like when ever he snaps at someone give him a hard smack and tell him “NO” but when he doesn’t do it just love on on him and give him a lot of attention.

  7. You definitely need to stop this behavior and it has to be immediately! Your family could be sued if he hurts someone. I think this calls for you to take the dog to or have a professional trainer come to you and work with your dog. Basically, the biting is a very serious problem and I don’t feel you have the option of trying to train the dog yourself. Get a professional and get this habit stopped before someone is badly injured or your family is sued and the dog picked up by animal control and euthanized as a vicious dog.

  8. Call the dog whisper.

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