How much do gerbils cost at Pet World?

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Question by Tamara O: How much do gerbils cost at Pet World?
I am going to get a Gerbil and i was wondering how much they are at “pet world” im not sure if any of you have heard about it since its pretty new and there isint much of them and today is “family day” so their closed.

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Answer by *~*Jennifer*~*
Probably anywhere from $ 10.00-15.00.

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  1. $ 6-$ 14 pounds for a gerbil

  2. I don’t know how much they cost at that particular store, but at pet stores, gerbils can be anywhere from $ 5-$ 14.

    Please get two gerbils of the same gender. Gerbils are social and should be kept in pairs. Lone gerbils live shorter, less healthy lives than ones kept in pairs. A pair of gerbils can groom each other, sleep with each other, eat together, play with each other, etc. Two gerbils honestly isn’t much more work than one. In fact, one gerbil can be more work than two. If you only get one, you’ll need to spend a LOT of time interacting with it and keeping it company because it doesn’t have a companion.

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