How to Care for Exotic Pets : Video: Information about Scorpions & Millipedes

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Get information and tips about the King Scorpion and the Giant Millipede in thisfree video clip. Expert: Daniel Keeper Bio: Daniel Keeper is the owner of Zoo Keeper Exotics, located at 183 & Burnet Road in Austin, Texas, 512-453-8800. He has been breeding, and selling a large variety of exotic animals for over 15 years. Filmmaker: Dana Glover

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  1. people keeping wild animals doesnt lead to abuse..irresponsible people do..if it was a big problem with abuse there would be laws regulating animal trades. plus ur facts just make u look like a retard…i love animals 2 but im not going around with an undeserved sense of pride…get ur head out of ur ass…if u wanna bitch about this stuff type a blog and leave us youtubers alone…dont bother writing back cuz i wont read it

  2. Please Note: Wild animals are not pets. If you should ever find a baby animal, or are offered a wild animal… call your local Department of Natural Resources to find a wildlife rehabilitation center. Wildlife does not belong in houses. It is wrong to keep a wild animal. Do what is right, and let someone who knows about these animals raise and release it back into the wild. DO NOT PURCHASE wild animals, you would be contributing to ‘farming’ animals, which leads to abuse and neglect

  3. @ghostygirlmn why are you complaining about wild animals being abused when young girls and women around the world are being captured and traded, then drugged and then used in the most horrible way. And you’re complaining and whining that the millipedes deserve to be free?! WTF!?

  4. AnObeseAardvark

    Giant African Millipedes have become very rare since it became illegal to export them from the wild. My advice to anyone looking to get a millipede is to get a Glossy Black Pink Leg (Dendrostreptus macracanthus). They are easy to care for, cheap, very active, and a lot of fun to hold. I ordered 2 of them last summer and they are a great species.

  5. Maybe because animals are innocent and humans are naturally evil.

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