How to Choose a Pet Bird : Consider a Seed Diet for Your Pet Bird

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Learn to choose quality pellets for your pet bird that are certified organic in thisfree video . Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact: Bio: Sarah Tingle is a resident exotic animal health technician specializing in dog health care. Filmmaker: Hiu Yau

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5 comments on “How to Choose a Pet Bird : Consider a Seed Diet for Your Pet Bird

  1. This is TOTALLY UNTRUE! There are a number of seed mixes that have vitamins due to the content of the mix, not “sprayed onto the seed”. I can’t believe they have a clerk at a pet shop out here calling herself an “expert” in parrots. So far, several of her videos specifically have had errors in the information given, such as this one. While pelleted diets are great, it is possible to find a seed mix with a well-rounded mix. But not all stores sell them, such as Petland obviously.

  2. bumblebeeetuna

    well rounded but it will be no where near as good as a pellet based diet and thats a fact unless you use additional supplements

  3. well the only other method they use is adding a few pellets which the bird’s almost never eat because the ratio of seeds is much higher.

  4. Yes, pellets are much better than any seed mix even if pellets are mixed with the seeds. Seeds to birds is like junk food to kids and the birds will pick out what they like and ignore the rest.

  5. My birds eat fresh vegetables every morning. Sometimes they eat brown rice or small white beans (great northern). This is the best time to get them on a healthy diet. They are always hungry in the morning. I give them more vegetables or very little seed with pellets in the afternoon. Pellets only at night. They love it.

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