How to Make Pet Stuff for Your Doll 2

Pittman & Davis

by request: we made a little pet shop fun of fun crafts, and check out of 18 inch doll pet crafts! check us out at: facebook fun stuff for kids: shop

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25 comments on “How to Make Pet Stuff for Your Doll 2

  1. puppydiva12345

    a doll microwave

  2. peyton simpson

    nice stuff

  3. Cheyenne Pavey

    I’m 11. I wasn’t really a big fan of barbies until I found her channel. She is the best! I wanna be BFFs with her daughter no matter how small. I would enjoy playing with her daughter!

  4. My Sister Is 17 And She Still Likes LPS, La Dee Da, And Monster high but I Don’t Care ^-^

  5. nice!

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