How To Save a Life: Petritionals Pet Rescue Fund

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Petritionals http Greater New Orleans Foundation Louisiana SPCA http St. Bernard Animal Shelter

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25 comments on “How To Save a Life: Petritionals Pet Rescue Fund

  1. @zakgeorge21 Yeah I know my family has made it a habit of any time we are looking to get a new pet we go to shelter’s before anything else. Hopefully as my dog gets older and a little more layed back I’ll get a new one and a shelter dog will be my first option.

  2. I posted this video on my Facebook Zak so at least 400 people will see it! I hope i can help out more, your so awesome Zak George !

  3. This video is GREAT, Zak. I’ve worked for a shelter for a few years now, and my heart broke a little thinking about how we get caught up with our own problems, and forget the animals…

    Really inspires me to go in tomorrow with a refreshed heart. 🙂

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