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Question by Guinea G: How to show parents I can take care of two Guinea Pigs?
My parents are still unsure of my responsibility. They said that I should keep a habit of what I’m doing now (lots of chores, for a VERY LONG TIME…) I’ve been doing it for a month, and it’s easy, but I’m getting impatient (I’m 11, 3 months from my 12th birthday :D) I wrote a 7 page report on them. Result: That was interesting. Make another one. x_X

I’ve been researching for months, I’ve offered to do pet sitting around my area, but they think that I’m too young, and that they’ll pay for it if we ever get two.

My dad has two problems:

A) My autistic sister, who likes to pick up things, bite them, squeeze them (he imagined guinea pigs being squeezed to death), and dropping things. She likes to go into my room as soon as it’s clean, and messing it up again. And sadly, my room’s the only place to put the Guinea Pigs. My parents won’t let me put a lock on the door.

B) They think that THEY’LL take care of it. I’ve tried to convince them for SEVERAL weeks, and they aren’t convinced yet. Grr!

But I have solutions for those- ONE problem, anyway.

For A), I’m not going to put a lock on the DOOR, just on the cage. So she can’t open it and stuff. And I know for a fact that Guinea Pigs hardly bite unless they think you’re made out of food. lol! And I’ll glue the cage to the wall or something, so she can’t pick it up and throw it somewhere. I don’t want me piggies to be screaming, “Earthquake, squeak squeak! Into the pigloo, hide in the hay! ASAP! Ahhh!”

I’m homeschooled, so I can look after them as long as I’m awake, and sometimes I’m awake til’ 2 AM… If I’m reading a new book, that is.

I know EVERYTHING about Guinea Pigs, seriously.
I just want to show my parents that I can take care of two Guinea Pigs, so that they can finally say, after a month and a half of hardcore chores, “Yes, lets go to the _______ Rescue Center.”

That’s my dream/goal, right now. LOL!
Can anyone give me some pointers on what to do? They’re not like most parents, so they’re not that easy to convince. Heeeelp? 🙂
Thanks for reading this.

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Answer by Lily H
I hope you do know all the info on guinea pigs. If you dont they could die!!! heres a great website for more info and you can talk to me and i know there are 2 other girls that are around your age. maybe you could talk to them and see what they did?

i’m 26 so i know where your coming from kind of. I had tons of animals when i was a kid but i was also the only kid kind of. my bro and sis were 14 years older…

i would start by learning everything you can about them and dropping facts here and there.

Being mature and letting the little battles between you and them slide.

Doing your chores and then some… (without complaining!)

Make sure your room is always clean.

Save every penny to pay for the cost of the guinea pigs and there needs. make sure you set aside $ 200-300 for vet bills.

Talk to them about how IF and When you get a guinea pig that it wouldnt be a pet store or breeder pig it would be a rescue because of the terrible conditions breeders and petstore animals have to endure… Look it up its bad!!!

dont bug them too often as it will piss them off and sometimes make them less likely to get it for you.

write an essay on how you would take care of the piggies (feeding, cleaning, how you would get the money to buy the food, the lock on the cage etc…)

well hope this helps and i hope to see you on out forum!!! good luck!!!

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  1. i would talk to her and say that you r responsible and can take care of 2 guinea pigs and what i did to get my rats(and of course my mom hates rat and said they had deseases )i told all i knew about rats and said that since i am homeschooled too (like you guinea g)i will be able to clean and care for them since you know what they do and know what they and stuff ,so i just told her how much i knew about them and say that no one has to look after it

    or you could ask for 2 guinea pigs for your birthday!

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