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Question by snottyrotty: how to stop my Jack Rusell from barking at all people and other dogs?
i have a pretty newly adopted male, 1 year old JRT. he is good in the house, listens, obeys, does commands fairly well, but the barking at every human being and passing dogs walking by the house with their owners; is driving me insane. His previous owners gave him up because they said he “was too vocal” ….and hes a beautiful, intelligent, affectionate playful pet and companion for my older dog. Today i tried to take him to the dog park and he barked at every dog bigger than him. It was so embarrasing i had to remove him from the park and keep him in the car so i could let my rottwieler play a bit.
I live in florida so we can finally go outside now and do things. 3 months ago you couldnt be outside it was so hot. . so i now keep windows open and when at home he barks at all passing people, and other dogs. If hes tied outside, he barks at all neighbors and other dogs. When we go for walks he barks at all strange people and other dogs. So…. ive been trying this….. when he barks i speak in a very firm tone “NO BARK!” when he stops, i lean down; shower him with praise “GOOD BOY!” and pet him. I do NOT offer a treat. Should I be? I just cant have treats on me in hand all day. I am an elder caregiver so I’m working alot. I’ve been doing this for maybe a week or so. It doesnt seem to be working. How much longer should I expect to be doing the “NO BARK” command before he learns? Might he not ever? i feel that perhaps its the small dogs way of expression against threats, as they have nothing else to defend themselves and maybe this is never going to work. i’m going to resort to a bark collar if nothing else works. I heard they dont hurt dogs. I know the goal is to get the dog to bark, reprimand, then praise when he stops. Lather Rinse Repeat. But this is not always practical or possible. I can not ALWAYS stop what I’m doing to reprimand. I may be showering, or talking to my boss. Or my elderly father calls me in an emergency, that happened last week. I mean there are just times when training is not possible, what do you do in those instances? I have another dog and she demands my attention too. When i reprimand the JRT my rottie thinks I’m reprimanding her! When i say a command to the JRT, the rottie does it too. How do you seperate this out, so each dog is its own being? I certainly dont want 2 clones of each other or I would only have 1 dog. But mainly if some expert out there could give me some tips on the barking problem, i’d be eternally grateful. Thank you.
all your answers are SO helpful. Thank you. How do you tell if a male is un-neutered?

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Answer by Spin
good luck with that… dog is 10 years old, we got him when he was a puppy…..we’ve tried and tried, but nothing seems to work…..we even bought the collar that gives him a little shock when he barks, but after the first shock i took it off right away and returned it to the store ….it seemed to harsh for the dog…..sometimes i just ignore him and he stops a little, but that’s about it…..good luck! 🙂

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  1. A tired JRT is a happy (and much quieter) JRT, so make sure he is getting plenty of exercise.

    I agree with the poster who recommended teaching him the “leave it” command. It should help with the barking and will also help you at the dog park.

    I have a 7 y/o JRT and live in an apartment, so the dog park is essential to providing him sufficient exercise. However, my dog thinks he is the biggest dog there and if there is a big un-neutered dog present he will go over and bark in its face. Knowing this, I am always careful about what dogs are at the park when I’m there. I never go at peek times (the after work crowd) and am very watchful of any interactions (if a big un-neutered dog that I don’t know comes in, I leave)

    I’m sure a no-bark citronella collar would work, but your dog is probably smart enough to know when it is on and will go right back to barking if it’s not.

  2. With the scenarios you have described it sounds a lot to me like ite little dog syndrome. I had the same thing with my jrt in the beginning. Turns out he thinks he is in charge and barked to “protect us” unfortunately i had to turn the tables and assume the position of alpha dog. Thats when max finally started to back off with the yipping.

    To assume alpha: (really check out what caesar milan has to say) when you come home from work get settled in before you even acknowleds the dogs. Feed them after you’ve had dinner. Aftter dark dont let them cuddle on the couch with you (hardest part) but with all of this persistance is key. Its going to be long and tiresome, but hey, you have probably another 15 years dedicated to this dog.

    Also when you put him in the car while the other dog is playing, he may feel separation anxiety, or boredom and may bark as a result.

    Keep in mind these are HIGH energy dogs. Like fetch 2 hours a day kind of energy. If energy becomes pent up he will act out like a bored child.

    Products i recommend: thunder jacket. (hugs and gives a feeling of security) spray bark collars (available in lemon or citronella, annoying but not harmful to dogs olfactory nerves) Kong with treats stuffed inside and any puzzle toy for dogs (engage and distract) and a lifetime supply of tennis balls. (you have to dedicate time to burn that energy)

  3. I suggest treat rewards….

    1. Teach him to ” leave it. When you want him to forget about a distraction tell him to leave it and when he looks at you or continues the walk stuff his mouth full of treats and work you way down to praise in time.

    2. Teach him to give you your attn…say his name and when he looks at you reward w treats.

    3. Take him to places where there’s dogs and people so he can get used to seeing lots of different things.

    Do not reprimand, focus on this dog by being positive w training,. I suggest a dog class and also this dog needs lots of mental stimulation. ( he’s smart )

  4. i used a citronella no-bark collar on my jack russell and within a week she was no longer barking excessively and to this day almost seven years later she is not a barker … i would give that a try … and jack russells are not really dog park type of dogs … they are known to be aggressive to other dogs … and if you bring him when he is in this barking state, he might get in the face of the wrong dog who will not stand for the annoyance and attack or hurt or kill your dog … jrt’s think they are bigger than they are … i also have two dogs and i know it is advised not to use a dog’s name when disciplining but in this case i feel it is necessary … so i start every command with the name of the dog i am directing it to and it seems to have worked …

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