How to Train a Pet Rat to Come When Called

Pittman & Davis – Training your Pet Rat can be great fun for you and your rat. This video shows the basic first steps when gaining the trust of your rat. Once you have taught your pet rat to recognize his name you can teach some more exciting tricks. By using a clicker and your rat’s favorite treats you will find this basic training a breeze. If you want more information on pet rats and the chance to buy some really cool stuff for your rat check out our website at: See you there!

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25 comments on “How to Train a Pet Rat to Come When Called

  1. i got mine 3 days ago and she is 8 weeks old, she follows me everywhere and jumps on they are so smart and cute

  2. WellThisIsAwkward101

    Plus it helps with blood circulation and temperature =)

  3. CogitoErgoCogitoSum

    What language is she speaking?

  4. @below english with english accent, not american

  5. Hopefully your guy has stopped nibbling, but for future reference, if your rat is doing something that hurts you, say “eep” as high pitched as you can, and disengage. They understand the squeak, and know that they’re hurting you. I did this with my rats, if they do things like try to pull gloves off my fingers with their teeth, because they don’t realise my fingers are inside, and they release right away.

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