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Question by Cats: How would you describe your cats personality?
It amazes me how all of the cats I’ve had throughout life have had different personalities. Just like people, they all have their unique approach to life, quirks, preferences and behaviors. I’ve always noticed this and was wondering if other people did too? Or am I just trying to humanize them too much lol..

Right now I have two cats – one is really lazy, not very attentive, likes to sleep, is very loving, very easy going, likes to eat..hes a really chill guy but not the sharpest knife in the drawer hehe..My other cat, is the exact opposite. So smart its almost weird. Have other people noticed differences in the “intelligence” and general perception and ability to learn and pick up on things between their pets?

I’d love to hear your thoughts…

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Answer by PitRocks14
Try taking it to a doctor (A pet vet) And they’ll give you a exam of the cat. Learn more at this website.

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  1. My cat is a rascal. That is why I named him Rascal. He is curious, crazy, loving, social, and totally a mess. He is perfect for my 4 year old. I just need to get his claws taken care of before he gets the best of my kid.

  2. We have two:

    Maya- very independent, doesn’t meow AT ALL, likes to do things her own way, wont go on our laps, doesn’t crave attention, spends her time in the garden fighting off and other cats who dare step into her land! Shes still a sweetie and likes to be petted when she allows us to. She’s just quiet but in a lovely strong kinda way.

    Kiri- my dad wanted to call her ‘the yowler’ at 4 o’ clock in the morning she would start ‘yowling’ outside the front door :). She CRAVES attention and is basically the opposite of Maya. Always begging to go on our laps and would happily spend the day lazing in the sun. Shes terrified of other cats but it doesn’t stop her from going outside. The kind of can an old lady would have to keep her company 🙂

  3. Me and my sister’s cat is lazy too. He is a boy and he sleeps mostly in the afternoon and the night and the morning he get’s very active and hyper I don’t know why. (My sister’s username is CoralineandMatildatogfan it use to be Pitrocks14 but she changed it and changed her avatar picture to Coraline and Matilda too) I don’t know what we can do if we can check up him or something.

  4. All animals have their own unique personalities- especially cats. Our second cat (Virgil), used to hunt creatures, kill them and bring em back to the house. Well, our third cat (Tigger) would find creatures play with them and bring them back to the house…. still alive. It’s funny to see your mom who thinks that it’s dead go to pick it up and find its alive and without a scratch. We now have our most recent one (Leah). She’s very much a primadonna and does what she wants when she pleases. You want her to lay on your lap she’ll ignore you until she thinks the time is right. She even bosses our 95 lb lab around.

  5. goldberg: (the black one)
    aggressive, dominating, demanding, reasonably patient, a wonderful companion, hungry – when he lets out a cry the herd shows up expecting food

    Remy: (the fat one – he’s dieting and it’s helping a lot)
    clingy – big time kneader, prone to stress, affectionate, chatty, friendly with any cats and humans who are good to him

    Motivated, randomly maternal or a bully, playful, domineering, hungry, seems to be glad to be the only female kitty

    Randomly clingy or terrified, ex-feral who isn’t sure if he should be afraid or not sometimes but loves to snuggle under the covers. very playful and silly, likes to pick play-fights with the others, chatters like a squirrel at flies

    Intelligent, playful, affectionate, very serious about playing fetch, likes to ride on shoulders and will jump straight from the floor to get there, is currently in a phase where he knocks over everything

    Clingy with other cats but generally less interested in humans, purrs easily even for humans, always hungry, very motivated for kitty affection, completely psycho for catnip – even more than the others

    It is amazing how unique each kitty is. I’ve lived with many in my life and every one is so special. Some do seem to be smarter than others, but they all still have their own talents and quirks that set them apart from all others.

  6. Average_secular_guy

    my cat is very cuddly, she likes to lay down, sleep, but when she wants to play you better be awake or she’ll meow really load.

  7. There’s definitely a difference in personalities and each cat is unique. I’ve had cats all my life and they’ve all been different from each other in personality, quirks, likes and dislikes, etc. Cookie, my current kitty, is definitely one of the most intelligent cats I’ve ever known. I think she can understand every word I say because when she’s starting to do something she’s not supposed to do, I’ll say “Cookie, no,” or “I wouldn’t try that if I were you” (or something to that effect) and she gets very vocal with me and her meowing actually sounds angry, like she’s mad at me for preventing her from doing something she’s not supposed to do. It amazes me because it’s clear that it’s not just the word “no” that she understands — I can say a whole sentence without even using the word “no” and she still understands.

    Also, she’s the only cat I’ve ever had that has figured out how to open closed doors. I have a closet that has tons of stuff in it so I don’t want her to go in there because I’m afraid she’ll topple things and end up getting hurt, so I keep the closet door closed. A few weeks ago, I found the closet door opened and I thought I was losing my mind, since I was sure I’d closed it. That happened several times and I couldn’t figure out how I was being so forgetful to close the closet door after I’d been in there. Finally, I caught Cookie in the act. She stood up on her hind legs and leaned against the door to put her weight on the door, and she used her front paws to rapidly paw at the door knob until it turned and then her weight pushed the door open. Since then, I’ve tried several things to keep her away from the door knob, but she’s managed to work around all of my so-called solutions and she continues to open the door and go in. I guess this just means I have to clean out that closet to make it safe for her in there. I like to tell her that I admire her intelligence so much — she’s a lowly animal who has figured out how to open doors and I’m supposed to be an intelligent human being and I can’t figure out how to keep the door closed. So who’s the smarter one? LOL.

    Anyway, all of the cats who have been in my life have been unique. A few have been so independent that they only cared about being around their human family when it was feeding time, and others have been so affectionate that you couldn’t get a moment of privacy because they were constantly all over you or following you everywhere you went. So I don’t think you’re humanizing your cats too much. You’re just being observant in noticing the differences in each individual animal. Really knowing your pets (understanding their unique personalities) is part of loving them, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  8. well, i got 2 kittens about 6 years ago and they can be a bit lazy. one is black and she is very fluffy and likes to sleeps and play. the other one is very lazy and likes to sleep, she also gets stressed very easily and her ears turn pink when she is nervous. she is very affectionate and begs for attention all the time. those 2 are both sisters. then we got another kitten that was about 3 months old about 6 months ago and she is soooooooo playful! and adorable. we rescued her from drowning in the mississippi river.

  9. Yeah same with me. Midnight loooves attention (she meows and meows and MEOWS unless someone is cuddling her). She can never decide whether she wants to be outside or inside. Oreo’s fat and lazy and she likes to sleep next to me in the night, but doesn’t like to be held much in the day. She’s possessive about her food 🙂 and she loves toys. Shadow’s shy and quiet and lets Oreo bully her around a little, but she loves to be pet like none other. I just sit down and hold my hand out and Shadow will run over and nudge her head under my hand.

    I think it’s fun to see how cats are just like little people sometimes 😀

  10. my oldest boy (3 1/2) is the lazy laid back guy, we call him bubbas as a nickname, he loves attention and cuddling but hes so big and lazy and furry

    my female (3) is a prissy girl, she has to have her own cup of water to drink out of, she purrs and drools when you pet her, she has to be comfy at all costs to your comfort and she loves cuddling

    my 3rd cat- boy (9months) oh boy dont get me started, hes the most funniest cat you will ever meet, he loves to cuddle when hes tired but hes on the go 24/7 , he takes your food, hides everything, gets into the sock drawer and hides our socks under the bed and he plays w/ balled up paper non stop and walks with it in his mouth like a dog, and he loves playing fetch lol oh yeah and meows non stop talking to you

  11. Very social, bored, tired but happy.

  12. Sassy,moody,mean,dainty,crazy,silly!
    Still the best friend you can every have!

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