Humane society animal shelter: Can we pay fees online and get dog Tuesday, if approved?

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Question by Libby T: Humane society animal shelter: Can we pay fees online and get dog Tuesday, if approved?
We saw a cute little dog on a local news “Pet Finder” segment last night. We live in an adjacent county, and I work this weekend. My husband is retired and cares for our other dogs during the day. He thinks we should both go to adopt the dog together, next Tuesday, when I’m off work.

I’ve filled out the online pre-screening application; we treat our other two dogs like children; they live inside, have a large fenced yard, are current on their vaccinations, and so on.

How can I assure that our application will be given due consideration, even though we can’t be there in person when they open up at 10:00AM on Saturday? Can we pay a fee or retainer, or make a donation online, and ask that they “hold” the dog till Tuesday morning?

If anyone has any experience with animal shelter adoptions, either as a worker or volunteer, or a pet-parent, I’d sure appreciate some feedback on this. She looks perfect for our little family (we have 13 years experience with the breed in question). Thanks!
My husband is retired and is with our dogs 24/7. He provides excellent care and companionship to the dogs. While it’s true that I still work 80-88 hrs a week, the rest of the time, we’re with our dogs. We take a vacation once a year, at which time, our retired neighbor dog-sits; they consider her part of the family. She watches TV with them. I really believe our dogs have it made in the shade (or rather, the air-conditioned home, with fenced yard).

We are accustomed to female pugs; the personality profile given for this dog matched what we have experienced with our own dogs.

Just because we couldn’t be first in line at the animal shelter today shouldn’t mean we’d be less than ideal dog-parents. Let’s say a working mom and irresponsible tail-pulling tot are first in line. Does that mean they will make better owners, since they got there first?

Thanks for your input, but I guess I was looking for a more reasoned response, from someone who actually read my question…
I meant 80-88 hrs biweekly; 40-42 hrs per week…

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Answer by Pamela
Wouldn’t it be better to go see the dog in person. And if you can’t find time to go look at the dog you want how can you find time to take care of a dog after you get it.
You can have all the experience in the world but adopting a dog in this matter is sheer foolishness.

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