Humane Society, local shelter, pound, rescue group?

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Question by : Humane Society, local shelter, pound, rescue group?
Can someone explain the difference between all of these types of places. I hear people say “the dog at the pound” or people who go to the Humane Society to find adoptable pets. What are the differences in these types of places? I am interested in rescuing and would like to know about all these places. Thanks!

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Answer by joanne
Generally in my area a dog pound will only keep the animal for three days and if not picked up by the owner the animals is euthanized. However, this year the new dog pound was built next door to the humane society-so those dogs and cats (and other animals) now have a better chance as those that are adoptable are now transfered over to the humane society and given a longer chance at finding a home. Rescue groups are usually not publically funded and do their own fund raising but take in animals until they are adopted. Many of these are no kill resucues-meaning the animal(s)stay where it is until it is adopted or foster families take in the animal until it finds a home.

Just an add on- if the animal picked up by the pound has a micro chip they will notify the owner that they have the animal. They do check all animals for micro chips. Another important reason to have your pet micro chipped. In my area not all shelters are “kill shelters”. Just the city run pound.

Just caught this on the news this morning!! The pound checked a microchip on a cat that was turned in and notified the owners….it was their cat that disappeared 11years ago!!
Obviously it found a good home somewhere as it was in great health….and yes the original owners took it back.

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  1. The “pound ” is the local animal Control Shelter. They are run by the local, usually county, government. They are ” open door ” shelters which means they cannot say no to anyone who lives in the county. “No kill ” shelters are “closed door” shelters. When they are full they can say no and they do. They can also say no if they do not like the look of the animal or if the animal is aggressive, sick, old etc. Open door shelters don’t have to room to hold animals a long time –usually they will hold them 3,4,or 5 days.. Some may be able to hold them longer depending how big the shelter is. A lot of people wont visit a kill shelter because they say it is so sad–I say if you adopt one of the animals you are saving a life. Other shelters, Humane Societies, rescues etc. are privately run and are non profit organizations, and usually have much more money that county shelters and once an animal is with them it usually stays with them till it is adopted even though it may take months or years. Even the ” no kill ” shelters are no completely ‘ no kill ” I work for the ‘pound’ and we try to send as many animals as we can, that don’t get adopted, to non profit shelters and rescues. Even so we still end up euthanizing many very adoptable animals. If more people would come and adopt from us it would make our jobs a lot more bearable.

  2. Rescue group is usually a pure breed group like Labrador Rescue, Golden Retriever Rescue, Boston Terrier Rescue, etc.
    The pound is the worst place for pets. They euthanize the dogs in a few days.
    The Local Shelter and Humane Society try to find good homes for pets that are healthy and adoptable. They also euthanize the pets that have been there the longest and are least adoptable, if they have no room.
    There are no-kill shelters that keep the pets or foster them out until a permanent home is found.

  3. Rescue Group: These often are rescue groups that have a smaller amount of volunteers. These volunteers foster the animals in their homes. There usually isn’t a shelter or anything. This can be a good option because depending on the home they may be housetrained and use to different animals. The adoption fees for rescue groups can be more expensive. I’ve seen it from $ 150 – $ 500.

    Pound: These may be run by the state. As someone else stated there usually is a holding period.

    Local shelters: It depends. Sometimes they’re more like a pound. Sometimes not. Sometimes they’re run by the state. However, there are regular shelters and no kill shelters. Regular shelters are usually cheaper. $ 75 – $ 200. No- Kill are more expensive, but because they may have better budget due to only excepting select and adoptable dogs they may use heartworm preventative, shots, spay, and may treat heartworms, etc.

  4. Local shelters are “Kill Shelters” meaning if you take an animal there and no one adopts it within a set amount of days they will put it down. Humane societies differ but most are no kill shelters. The pound is another name for the local shelter. A rescue group is also no kill. They are sometimes in a set place…but often are just a group of foster families who will rescue pets and foster them out until they find homes. They are no kill.
    Hope that helps
    Maddie R

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