I have a sick child who meditates, I need help with one of her “meditations” to keeps medication down.?

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Question by Just Me: I have a sick child who meditates, I need help with one of her “meditations” to keeps medication down.?
Just a disclaimer, I am a mom of 4 and this child has seen doctors and urgent care today, we are just trying to get ideas to get through the night before we go back in the morning…

Right now she is sick and running high fever off and on. The medicine to reduce it has been making her tummy upset and we have been doing guided visuals successfully to have the fever reducers work before she has a chance to vomit.

Now we need to get the antibiotics down. She is getting extremely ill and unable to hold these down at all as they are nasty. Full dose is back up in 30 seconds and half dose within 15 minutes.

Here is the deal, we have her typical guided imagery which is a meadow and cool grass, warm sun, a bunny from behind the tree to pet (she is a kid after all), and another one which is a brook she stands in to watch goldfish. Both of these do amazing for her with details we add, but she is the type if I use these and RUIN it with the “bad med” I doubt I can do these for her again.

OK, the asking point is I need a imagery to keep her calm enough to bring the med in and to continue to keep the med down. Just general ideas, I am pretty good with details on my own. Anyone do these with kids?
I am going to keep the answers open still but the idea of a room of kittens and puppies is pretty good as long as I do not overwhelm her. I am about to go run to the store and get a cherry soda and make her a milkshake with it hidden in it but maybe she will have no idea and think this is “it” having ice cream in the middle of the night with a puppy room!

To the other person, thank you for the time really but this is not my first rodeo, I have fed her saltines and sprite with her meds. I already know this, but thank you.
You know I cannot wait for the whole “vote for best answer” option as so many know it alls want to post about everything but an answer to what was posted… I never asked about your UNINFORMED MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS.

News flash, parents and doctors have a clue. There is a reason I am asking for advice through tonight after she has been to the doc today and to go back since (here is the real shocker) it unfortunately is not working as hoped.

WHERE did I say she was throwing up at the doctor??? This has happened SINCE adding the antibiotic. And let us go there. Just because they are over prescribed does not mean they are not needed you idiot. I am normally nicer but do not go there with my kid unless you really have whohas. She has a kidney infection that we were blessed with until tonight of not making her extremely ill and hoped it was caught in time.

And since you have to be capt. obvious of every aspect… She never presented with bladder issues either.
OK, I was a bit upset, but still… Answer what is asked and do not try to Monday armchair quarterback.

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Answer by bgibbslmt
For the antibiotics she probably needs some food in her stomach. Many people vomit when taking them on an empty stomach.

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4 comments on “I have a sick child who meditates, I need help with one of her “meditations” to keeps medication down.?

  1. ommotherlifeforce

    i dont have a child but what popped in my head [ ESP ]

    is sit behind them and hold there stomach and imagine your hands are healing pads and just rock the child and sing to it or play some soothing music

    iv meditated for 34 years and its hard enough for a adult to focus on a meditation when you are extremely nauseated let alone trying to make a child do it, adding stress to the child

    the act of [laying on hands] with out any thing else is a cosmic sign of healing.

    hold them ,and rock them

    save teaching them to another time

    garlic, Cinnamon are great,prune juice for up set stomach,

    organic peppermint drops.


    the drops work for me

  2. what is wrong with your hospital?

    They should give you a recommendation for a liquid fever reducer !!! who gives pills to a vomiting child ??? and they didn’t give her an anti-nausea shot. terrible.

    hopefully you have some pedialyte or other electrolyte solution for hydration. super-important.

    why are they giving her antibiotics? that does not make sense. I suppose they hand them out for anything these days just so they can say they did.

    anyway, I wish you the best. you can get liquid fever reducers at your local pharmacy as OTC…

    ALMOST forgot: the imagery: a honeybee going from flower to flower, soaring in the wind, pollinating in a meadow & all the little field or farm creatures she sees along the way. You can do a soothing buzz…

    good luck 🙂

  3. unschoolymomma

    First of all what is she sick with and why didn’t they give her a shot to stop the vommiting and upset tummy? They have always done this for my Daughter when she gets a bad virus. They also have Emetrol which helps soothe the tummy and take that sickness feeling away.

    I personally would back off on the meds until her stomach is feeling better. Give her a chance to rest and not worry about a fever unless it is past 104 degrees and even then there are better ways to get it down than meds. Cool clothes, luke warm bath, she can have little ice chips and popsicles when her tummyis feeling better.

    This whole mediation sometimes does not work if you are feeling that sick.

  4. put her in a room full of pictures of kittens and puppies give her a little food and play some nice music.

    Give her the meds and they will stay down ^_^

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