I Like Tuhtles Euro Mix

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I figured the great zombie Johnathan deserved a better remix than off-beat citations of “I like turtles” to crappy, probably unoriginal hip hop beats. Break out teh glo stix and turtles. If you want an mp3 of just the music (minus the kid saying “I like turtles” and the reporter lady) get it here: www.filefront.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 comments on “I Like Tuhtles Euro Mix

  1. @agentrupert45 who is what??

  2. little dood is smacked as shit (heroin)

  3. @agentrupert45
    Fucking retard

  4. jonathan its your first time at a rave, how do you like it “i like turtles”… this kid is fucked up

  5. “i like turd holes”

  6. sgjacksonguitarwar

    i like corn holes

  7. i like turd holes

  8. ai liekada turddllz

  9. what song is this

  10. .Well apparently Jonathan likes turtles.

  11. this is so funny in a fail way xD

  12. CastingOutTheSelf

    any kind of funny is my kind of funny

  13. is hes a real zombie
    or a boy tell me

  14. I like turtles 2

  15. thehundredsrocks

    i wonder if he likes turtles?

  16. TacoClanLeaderHalo

    u say it tuhtles not turtles

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