Taste of Wild is one of the best dog food in the game. We feed nothing but the best to our dogs. Look at all that food. Wow alot of bags of TOW. Taste of wild… just a little preview of how much dog food we get every week or so. If you looking for a great food here it is… Its done alot…
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  1. This is a good food. It’s #3 on my list of best dog foods.

  2. deathstarlover

    is that all you say? uh and um? Please work on your speech!

  3. ChrisWuvCheese

    i fed my canidae xD

  4. Wow, some people here are quite rude. Anyways, I started feeding my puppy and cat Taste of the wild and they both loved it. I wouldn’t call it too expensive and its decently price for the quality compared to the higher priced brands!

  5. dogfood vid.

  6. oh hey, i feed this to my pitbull…he frikken loves it

  7. firemedictaylor

    I feed my 4 mo. old Czech German Shepherd Taste of the Wild, Pacific Salmon. It’s unbelievable seeing his coat going from dull and rough to slick and shiny…the luster makes me blink twice, it’s that great. If that’s how well it serves the outside, I love thinking about how great he’s getting it on the inside, where it counts!

  8. rctriplefresh5

    totw doesnt make a pacific salmon they ake a pacific stream, and the fish in that formula is ocean fish meal which is mehaden fish, and not as good as salmon. i used to feed canidae grain free but bought the totw wetlands today

  9. I love this dog food! I feed it to my Boxer and she has a shiny coat, good muscle, great teeth and is in really good condition. I pay more for it knowing that she’s getting a good meal and not the corn filled dog food equivalent of fast food.

  10. You are correct, anyone that can read the back of a bag will see that this food is hands down the best on the market. The company that makes this also now makes dog food called 4 health that is pretty much the same and a little bit cheaper. The only place I can get is Tractor Supply here. You can buy it online, but it cost more than at Tractor Supply. I wish this food was at more stores!

  11. I just started my 10 week old pup on the Bison Taste Of The Wild, How often should I rotate the proteins!

  12. Would like to know what’s 1st on your list…

  13. im actually giving this to my two dogs and later i will for my husky
    they ship it all the way from the states to europe so i can buy it here in bulk of 30kilo or so i dont need no pedigree poison its like 3x more expensive but its more healthy
    and still affordable here for 1 or 2 dogs

  14. Hello again… I took your advice and started my pup on Nupro (Gold). but now ever since I started her on it, her stool has been way too soft. Sometimes diarrhea… and she’s not finishing all her food anymore.

  15. I’m doing everything as directed… My A’milli is 12 weeks old now and I split her daily meal into three. It looks like everything is ok now, instead of feeding at 8am, 12pm, and 5pm, I changed her feeding time to 8am, 2pm, and then at around 8pm… She’s back to eating all her food and licking her bowl clean! And her stool is starting to look normal and hard. Thanx for your help… hopefully I’ll know more on her next vet appointment next week.

  16. how much is this dog food in USA?

  17. TFWGproductions

    lol 18000 views but only 3 ratings!? wow

  18. i work at an holistic pet store and all tho tow (taste of the wild) is great for the money its no where neer the best try acana or orijine they are both made by the food company called champion thats manufactured in canida and is all fresh no preservative or frozen ingreedents the acana is 60% protien and 40% vegi and orijine is 70% protien and 30% vegi the meets consist of boore bison chicken and 6 diffrent net caught fish 4 being fresh water and 2 being salt water

  19. I have my pitbull on TOTW now , but its not the best. Try ORIJEN or EVO… its like almost double the price, and the ingredient list is much more impressive, but my dog gets tired of it fast and wont eat after a few days of it.

  20. Please work on not being an asshole. Oh, and you didn’t capitalize the first letter in your sentence, so please work on your grammar, too. Dick!

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