i need opposing views on pet adoption if theres any?4 persuassive speech?

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Question by bunny: i need opposing views on pet adoption if theres any?4 persuassive speech?
im doing im doing a persuasive speech about “stop puppy mills though pet adoption”, so in need apposing views to pet adoption or the pros to buying a pet from pet store. i just cant come up with any. thanks to all that answer.. and to all animal lovers!!!

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Answer by emily
well… some people argue (inacuratly) that these puppies are already born, they are living creates no matter where they came from, and they deserve homes.

it’s very easy to argue against this however (as you know) that buying these puppies only makes the puppy mills to produce more just like them..

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4 comments on “i need opposing views on pet adoption if theres any?4 persuassive speech?

  1. Arguments against adoption? Only if the people want a fashion statement (chihuahua) they’re going to treat like a stuffed toy, or buying a dog because it’s a ‘cool’ breed. Totally wrong reasons to get a dog.

    There are no pros to buying from a pet store. The exception is if the pet store is HOSTING one of the local rescue groups that are adopting out dogs–where the store has not purchased any of the dogs as livestock to sell.

  2. Children are adopted!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pounds SELL dogs.
    Shelters SELL dogs!!!!


  3. †mongrel momma†

    Dalmatian appreciation hit the nail on the head.

    There are NO pros to buying from a pet store-all those pros from buying from a breeder dalmatian listed are NOT existent for a pet store dog. You pay top-dollar price for a sick dog, a heatbreak, an emptied wallet, and you support animal abuse. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that there aren’t any pros to a pet store dog in your paper.

    Good luck.

  4. Dalmatian Appreciation has a tribe of 3!

    Opposing views to adoption:
    You want a legit purebred with legit registration papers
    You want a purebred from genetically health cleared parents
    You want a purebred for working purposes ie herding from parents proven in that field
    You want a pup from a breeder who will support you throughout the dogs’ life

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