I recently got two rabbits, both of whom are litter-box trained. Can I use Tidy Cats Multiple Cats for them…

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Question by masterdeath01: I recently got two rabbits, both of whom are litter-box trained. Can I use Tidy Cats Multiple Cats for them…
…or is dangerous for them?

If anyone can help, I need a list of commercially available cat-litters for the bunnies. I’m not looking for “Papurr” or “Purrrfect” or “Yesterday’s News.” They’re not easy to find, damnit! >:-o Lol.

I want to buy some litter that I can find easily, like at a supermarket or a low-end department store like Target or K-Mart or even Costco! Good quality pet stores are hard to locate in my area and the stuff they sell is really WAY too expensive… totally not worth it, if you ask me.

*** What can I use for the rabbits that’s easy to find but won’t kill them (with liver damage, etc…)??? ***

And to thwart some of the [email protected] out there, YES!- rabbits can be litter-box trained and you CAN use cat litter for them!

BTW, I’m not even going to CONSIDER using newspaper or hay as a litter. It stinks like HELL and it creates a huge mess. No way…
Well… I disagree that every litter will work fine for them. I’ve been doing a massive amount of reading and I learned that cedar, aspen, and other wood shavings are poisonous to them and it’ll start to disintegrate their liver. Also, some cat litters are not good for them because they can choke if they eat it.

I want to use Tidy Cats: Multiple Cats as a litter for my litter-trained rabbits. AS IN… I BOUGHT THE DAMN LITTER, THINKING THAT IT WOULD BE SAFE, BUT I DIDN’T REALIZE IT AND HERE I AM, ASKING YOU ALL IF I CAN USE THE LITTER!!

[whew!] That was a nice rant…
jasmine m: I wanted total sources… For example, Tidy Cats contains clay inside it. I’m worried that it’ll clump in the bunnies’ throats if they swallow it, obviously killing them. I wanted to know what other alternatives there were out there, too… and where I could’ve found them…

SLWrites: Damn good answer, actually. You actually provided something for me to consider that was REALLY convenient. It’s a lot easier than looking for other types of litter. 😀 And thanks for responding to my insane requests, loll.

snapszen: Really helpful… but I’m still worried about the type of wood it’s made with. I don’t want to accidently poison the cutey-pies. Though you provided sources, they were, unfortunately, kind of “blah…” :-/


starrlitah: Awesome answer, but not quite there… :-/ Thankfully, I can consider corn cob litter for the wabbits, instead of unsafe alternatives. I’ve actually checked pet stores. Most of the people don’t really know, because their rabbits aren’t

Best answer:

Answer by jasmine m
I have litter boxed trained bunnies too and I use tidy cat also my vet said it is fine to use it. He said it’s the best thing to use. your doing fine with the tidy cat don’t worry!! i’ve use it now for 2 years and no problems!

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8 comments on “I recently got two rabbits, both of whom are litter-box trained. Can I use Tidy Cats Multiple Cats for them…

  1. DO NOT USE CAT LITTER! Go to your local pet store and ask them what they have in stock for bunny litter. I like to use corn cobb litter. Its all natural and really absorbent. Bunnies like to chew on their litter (yes, its disgusting) so cat litter is out. There are a couple different kinds out there that are safe for bunnies. Check out the pet store!

  2. Find something in google.

  3. Do NOT use cat litter. It can cause internal damage if eaten and inhaled. You should buy wood stove pellets. They are cheap around $ 5 for 50lbs and you can buy them at home depot or lowes. They absorb a lot of smell and are edible. You need to read the House Rabbit Handbook and read these websites.

  4. divasquirrel82

    i have 2 rabbits who are both litter-trained. what we use for litter is stove pellets that are available anywhere you can buy a pellet stove, such as home depot or lowe’s. i can’t remember how much we paid for a bag, but it is much cheaper than buying cat litter. however, the pellets are poisonous to rabbits. what we did is made a frame made out of pvc that fits inside the litterbox. we covered the pvc with hardware cloth so that the bunnies are not able to reach the pellets and they also have clean bottoms because they are not sitting in their waste.

  5. We use CareFresh paper litter (known as ‘Gray Stuff’ in our household) for our bunnies. It’s pretty easy to find, you should be able to get it at Target, K-Mart, Wal-Mart, etc. We have an itty bitty pet store close by that stocks it, which is easier than driving across town to the Petco store. The pine litter made for cats is processed differently than shavings and is OK for bunnies to use… that’s usually available at regular supermarkets. You may also want to check with your favorite local store. Most stores will try to special-order products for you that they don’t normally carry.

  6. I use regular cat litter from my local supermarket. I believe any regular cat litter will work, and you can easily find them at Walmart, Target, etc.

  7. the2brothersfarm

    Any kind of litter box litter will work fine.

  8. This girl I knew in Wyoming had enormous Angoras and her one indoor pet Angora used to go in discount store litter it never came to any harm till one day while she was watching it play in the grass in the front yard a wild jack rabbit ran up to it and nearly humped it to death. She took it to the Vet, it lived and you should have seen the babies!!! They were not litter trainable.

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