I was curious if anyone had any info on a bird adoptions. I was particularly interested in an Owl?

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Question by manger99: I was curious if anyone had any info on a bird adoptions. I was particularly interested in an Owl?
I have googled ” owl adoptions” but the standard World Wildlife federation pages come up. I was looking more for an actual Owl that will benefit from my contributions…not just $ 50 towards a program. I did find this. http://www.adoptabird.org/ Look legit? Any help would be great. I am located in the Upstate NY area. Also note I am not looking for a Pet owl..just a legit foundation I can help contribute to.

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Answer by Pamela D(midget12_
I don’t know about else where, but I am Im Ohio, USA and generally you need to have wildlife permits to rescue or own any type of wild birds and animals also
So if you are in the USA check with local forest ranger ar wild animal rescue.

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4 comments on “I was curious if anyone had any info on a bird adoptions. I was particularly interested in an Owl?

  1. OH! I was mistaken by the way you phrased your question, I thought you wanted to own an owl for a moment there. (Which is probably what Pamela and Chippon thought as well, from the look of it.)

    Hmm sponsoring birds. Try looking looking up “Raptor Rehabilitation Center” and you can find many good rehab centers that would absolutely love contributions. I did a search for centers in new york and came up with these that are either in NY or close to/work in:

    http://www.whisperingwindwildlife.bravehost.com/who.htm (They do educational demos with their owl)

    http://www.southeasternoutdoors.com/wildlife/rehabilitators/new-york-rehabilitators.html A list of rehabbers in the NY area


    As for adopt a bird, it looks legit to me. Good luck and and thank you for being so wonderful as to contribute to a raptor center! People like you make my day. ^^

  2. You can’t legally own an Owl for a pet in any state. They’re all protected under the Migratory bird act (it’s the same for all wild birds). Unless you’re a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, you are not allowed to have any wild bird.

  3. Might check your local Wild Life Rescues.
    The private ones here in CA take in injured wild birds and rehab them.
    Some often cannot be returned to the wild for various reasons so are kept until they die of natural cause’s and that cost’s money.
    Many also keep lions from people that no longer van care for them,bob cats, coyotes, etc.
    A injured Red Tail Hawk showed up outside my front door afew years ago, he was in shock so I put him in a cage and called my local wild life rescue, they came right away, examined him and found a bullet in his upper thigh. They rushed him to their vet for surgery. He lived and when recovered released back into the wild.
    I give to them annually because they help so many wild creatures and lack funding.

  4. I know that my local Zoo has a program where individuals or companies can sponsor a specific animal or animal habitat. Try and see if your zoo or any nearby zoo does the same type of thing. Also see if there are any animal sanctuaries in your area. A contribution to someplace like that will do a lot of good locally.

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