Idaho “Dream Home” Was Infested With Snakes


Shortly after buying their dream home, an Idaho husband and wife discovered that it was infested with thousands of garter snakes. For the next three months, their growing family lived as if in a horror movie. (June 15)
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25 comments on “Idaho “Dream Home” Was Infested With Snakes

  1. HardCoreWild87

    See that right there would be my dream house for sure! lol

  2. A den site for garter snakes can be a health hazard, which is something those selling the house should have informed the buyers about. Most people don’t realize that too many garter snakes can cause health problems. They can get the sellers on child endangerment. The kid may have tapeworms because of these snakes.
    Only thing you can do is re-pour the foundation. Get rid of the current residents and their scent.

  3. When you live above a garter snake den, YOU eat pests–which then grow in your gut to become ten times the length of any of these snakes. Tapeworm eggs are found in garter snake poop. The poop gets into the pipes, and you drink it. If you happen to be pregnant at the time, you risk your child’s life.
    Still think it’s a dream house?

  4. Obviously you’ve never handled a garter snake. They release a musk AND they defecate when handled. By the way, that poop has tapeworm in it. So if it gets into your plumbing…

  5. You like tapeworm?

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