I’m Looking at getting a professionally installed invisible fence, and trying to decide what Brand to get?

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Question by : I’m Looking at getting a professionally installed invisible fence, and trying to decide what Brand to get?
I’m looking at getting an invisible fence for my Australian Sheppard and I was curious if anyone has had experience with any of the following brands:
“Invisible Fence”
“Pet Stop”
“Dog Watch”
“Pet Safe”
I understand the importance of training, our dog is pretty obedient, but when distracted by wildlife will take off after it. Otherwise, he will generally stay within the yard as he plays Frisbee or chases balls. We will not be just leaving him for any length of time outside by himself either.
I plan on meeting with representatives of all the brands, but I was curious if anyone had any experience with any of these brands and would share their opinion “good or bad”. Any assistance that anyone can provide would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Answer by Abbie’s my Collie <3
Personally, I wouldn’t get any fence, but if you need to, I’d go for the most expensive one, because you’re paying for what you’re getting.

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  1. tiptoptraining

    Congratulations on doing your homework before doing this. I’d like you to do a bit more research on why not to get an “invisible fence” system. An IF is not a fence- it is a training mechanism that utilizes electric shocks to teach a dog boundaries. The word “fence” is a great marketing ploy, but it isn’t accurate. It doesn’t protect your dog from wildlife, or strangers coming in to the yard, and if the dog is sufficiently motivated, he may leave and be reluctant to return. I have BCs and know lots of Aussies, and they are not a breed I would want to confine using an IF- too bright, which makes them likely to notice some other detail that we don’t consider, and get neurotic about it, and also with high prey drive leading them to break through the IF when chasing wildlife.

    If the dog is only out when you are out with him, consider working on a whiplash turn recall (there are some great books and vids on recalls) and you can also put a long line on him.

    You can also get a “real” fence!

  2. Owned by an Aussie

    I have an Aussie myself and know exactly what you mean when you say he is obedient but will chase wildlife, mine has an obsession with birds. She will stick by my side, but if a bird comes into view, say bye. My parents have Invisible Fence for their Blue Heeler and it has been working fine. They had to spend a couple of weeks training her (she has a squirrel obsession), but she was able to get it. An Aussie should be extremely easy to train. I think you are making a good investment into the fence and I hope you find one that is right for you, just remember that each representative is going to tell you exactly what you want to hear so you will buy their product, so be careful

    As for the good or bad opinion on the Invisible fence brand, I really don’t know what to say because of all the brands that we looked at, they seemed the same except for price. The hardest part was teaching the dog where the perimeter is before setting it off, that took a lot of “sit” “stay” work, and also a couple of small zaps (low setting).

  3. How would you like to wear that collar around and get zapped for peeing on the fence…uh huh!

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