I’m pet-sitting for a cat, what information should I get before the owners leave?

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Question by Oceanlvr: I’m pet-sitting for a cat, what information should I get before the owners leave?
I’m pet-sitting for a few cats. I have taken care of cats before, but what information should I get from the owners before they leave? (NOT – “emergency information, contact information, care information”) I want ACTUAL answers: “cat’s favorite toy”, etc. Please tell me what I should ask before the owners leave??

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Answer by cheer2015
First, you need to know how much food, what type, how often, litter box arrangements etc. Next, get them to sign something saying that you have rights to get any medical help for the cats and keep at least 2 copies of this, with their shot record, etc. Ask if there’s anything special you need to know, like you said favorite toy, or anything like that. Go over ahead of time to see the cats and let them get to know you. Get any allergy information or any stuff like that. Good luck have fun with the kitties!! 🙂

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  1. sagacious_ness

    — Do they have any favorite ‘hiding places’? This can help avoid frantic searching for a cat that you haven’t seen for awhile.
    — What is their routine regarding feeding, play? Cats typically don’t like change and their people being gone is one change already.
    — Do any of them require medication (including hairball remedy they may use)
    — Do they have favorite play activities (cat nip? watching TV? LOL… my friend’s dog loved NASCAR and they made a tape for her 🙂

    I know you said no emergency type info, but…
    — Do any of the cats have known medicine or food allergies?
    — Make sure you know where the closest after-hours facility is to their house and how to get there.
    — Do any of them have current or previous medical issues? I ask this because if you do need to take one to an after-hours emergency facility, it won’t be their regular vet. I kitty sit for a friend’s 20 year old cat and she has some health issues, so he leaves a copy of her medical records on the counter for me.

  2. You should ask the owners if the cats it wet or dry food, and which brand they like. Ask how many times a day you should change the cat litter and which brand to buy (just in case you run out of the stuff they give you, or if they are giving you any). Ask if any of the cats have any special conditions or any special needs. Ask about which toys they are allowed to play with….also with that ask if there is any things that you need to keep them away from (shoes, yarn, pillows, anything the cats can tear up, etc.) Ask about what to do if the cats get into something or if the cats are being “naughty”…….thats probably it for now….

  3. Well fave food toys it likes and where it sleeps and how often to clean liter bocks.

  4. Obviously the care/vet/emergency contact stuff, but it sounds like you have that covered.
    Just ask about feeding arrangements, is there a special time or area where they get fed? My two cats love each other to pieces except when I feed them, I have to do it in separate rooms or they start scratching and biting each other.
    Do they sleep somewhere or anywhere they want?
    The owners will probably tell you anything you need to know though.

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