Image Map with Disjointed Rollover in Dreamweaver?

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Question by Eldridge: Image Map with Disjointed Rollover in Dreamweaver?
I am new to Dreamweaver. Here’s what I want to happen. I have a single image that is image mapped into 4 different sections. When a mouse hovers over the 4 links, in a different section I want the link destination label text to change. I’ve created 4 different text pictures to fit that section (for example, “News”, “Contact”, etc). Also, in another section, I want there to be another rollover image: a picture that stays the same when the mouse isn’t over any of the 4 image maps, but changes to another image when the mouse hovers over them. So, in summation, there’s two disjointed rollovers – one that is blank and changes to 4 different images, and another that only changes to one other image – linked to the 4 image maps. Can anyone point me to a tutorial or tell me the steps please? Much appreciated!!

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Answer by MelanieMarie
This is a wonderful tutorial.

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