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Question by believe in miracles: Information on rabbits?
I am very interested in buying a rabbit (had one years ago) but don’t remember how much does it usually cost to feed a rabbit each month, what about the stuff to put on bottom of cage (was told to use something called “Yesterdays News”, absorbs odors good, maybe Care Fresh?- use that for my hamster)? What else should I know?

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Answer by me_luv_my_peeps
I have 23 rabbits which are outdoors! For your first question it usually cost 10 bucks at least a month it really depends on how much you use. You should go to the pet store and by wood shaving for your rabbit( hamster). You should put your rabbit in a save enviorment away from other animals, up high like on a dresser or table. And when you let your rabbit run around inside close all cracks that the rabbit my get into. If you take you rabbit outside buy a special leash for your or you could buy wire and make a little fence in area for your rabbit to run around.

Be aware when you take you rabbit outside because if he or she eats to much grass it will get diarea.spelling try to avoid your rabbit with making any contact with other rabbbits because you rabbit could get snufles or any other sicknesses!!!
If you need any more info go to and you can go to this website to buy cheap books and equipment!!! Hopes this helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) (:

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  1. take my advice, im an exotics vet tech and work with a lot of bunnies in our practice……….food…no pellets, pellets are for commerical use (back in the day) to make bunnies fat, fast…for meat and fur sales…they dont need them, they make bunnies fat, and cause teeth issues (molar points which irritate their mouths, causing them to stop eating, causing GI stasis, causing death if not fixed). there are no pellets in the wild, rabbits are designed to eat greens… feed it greens. lots of dark leafy greens as much as they want (dont listen to others, they do not cause diarrhea, if it did then why do they eat grass outside and why isnt thier sloppy bunny poop everywhere)… greens and lots of them… kale, collards, rommaine….anything dark and leafy (avoid iceberg lettuce….not a lot of vitamins) darker greens means more vitamins…..also feed lots of timothy hay….they can have as much as they want….they can never have too much. treats….fresh fruits and yes carrots fall under this catergory, but dont feed more than 1TBS per 2lb rabbit…most bunnies full grown are about 4 lbs, so 2tbs are good per day of fresh fruits like, apples, pears, berries….make sure theyre fresh and not dehydrated, dehydrated fruits have a lot of sugar, sugar equals fat and those processed sugars feed bad bacteria in their GI tract causing those numbers to elevate (we all have good and bad bacteria in our systems, but the good always outnumber the bad, and keep them at bay)….but processed sugars feed the bad and deplete the good, causing major issues in the GI…so avoid them……and as for bedding, yes either care fresh or yesterdays news is great…..bunnies have sensitive noses, and anything piney or cedar chipped is very volatile to them…if u must use a chip, aspen is the way to go, but just use the care fresh or yesterdays news, its easier….and if you ever have any bunny questions email me at any time, im an exotics vet tech and working with prob about 30bunnies a week coming in in outpatients. good luck. my email is [email protected]

  2. I have 6 rabbits, all indoors. I use carefresh for the bottom of their cage and Yesterday’s news for their litterbox. They are litterbox trained so there isn’t much mess in their cages. However, do not get pine shavings or any kind of wood shavings for your pets. It is not good for them. I know they smell good to us but bunny noses are much more sensitive and they pine shavings can give them respiratory infections. If you only have 1 bunny I would guess that with food, litter, carefresh you will probably be spending about $ 25/mo on supplies. You only need to give the rabbit about 1/8-1/6 of a cup of pellets each day depending on how big the bunny is, but the bunny should have unlimited amounts of timothy hay. (not alfalfa hay, it makes their poop squishy). A good site to visit is or even It has a lot of owner tips and answers a lot of questions. Hope this helps!! Also, try rescuing a rabbit from a shelter or rescue organization, sometimes they can be the most grateful and best pets!!!

  3. 50 for food and litter monthly–

    25 for rabbit–

    100 for cage–

    that is pretty much it.

    Hope I helped

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