iPetVet App Releases Top 10 Holiday Pet Hazards

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iPetVet App Releases Top 10 Holiday Pet Hazards

Edmond, OK (PRWEB) December 5, 2010

Tis the season to holly, jolly and festive, right? Not necessarily for pets. This time of year, the iPetVet App reminds pet owners that common holiday occurrences can pose serious dangers for pets. To avoid pet hazards, remember these top 10 tips.

1-Trimming the tree with caution. Whether there is a puppy with an active tail, or kitty who enjoys climbing trees, make sure the Christmas tree is safe from pets. Make sure the tree is securely fastened to avoid tipping. In case of a tip, avoid using artificial ingredients in your tree stand water which pets see as a novel new water bowl.

2-Train guests. Families may know better than feeding pets from the table, but do house guests? Make sure holiday food is out of reach from pets and train guests on appropriate treats.

3-Pet proof wrapping supplies. Pretty ribbon, crunchy peanuts and wrapping materials are attractive to both cats and dogs, but can lead to deadly obstructions if consumed. Never leave pets unattended with wrapping supplies. As presents are opened, dispose of wrapping materials in pet proof containers.

4-Practice cold-weather safety. Remember pets as the temperatures dip. If there is a Christmas, remember to clean pets paws as salt used to treat sidewalks and driveways can cause intestinal issues. Make sure outdoor pets have a safe, warm, weather proof space or are brought indoors.

5-Holiday plant protection. Festive holiday plants like holly, mistletoe and poinsettias can cause serious gastrointestinal issues or poisoning if digested. For the look without the risk, keep plants out of reach from pets or use artificial plant decorations.

6-Pet traveling tips. If traveling with pets, create a new tag with emergency contact information, address of where travel destination and a local pet hospital. If driving with pets t consider crating for safety and never leave pets alone in freezing temperatures.

7-Watch alcohol consumption. If holiday celebrations involves alcohol, be mindful of pets. Alcohol consumption can leave pets weak, disoriented and pose long term consequences and short term emergencies.

8-Fire safety. If candles are part of holiday decor, keep out of reach from excited tails. Use as accents away from pets or use electronic candles for a similar look. Always remember to blow candles out when leaving the room.

9-Tree Decorations. While decking the halls and trimming the tree keep ornaments out of reach from pets as they may resemble toys. Broken glass, sharp edges, dangerous materials can cause significant illness in animalsl. Be mindful of cats who bat at the tree. If they can reach the ornaments, consider moving.

10-Avoiding stress. The holidays are stressful for humans andpets. Carve out a special place in the house that is holiday and guest free for pets. Keep on a regular schedule to avoid stress and make lots of time for extra holiday attention.

iPetVet recommends pet owners use the time between Thanksgiving and the New Year to make sure everyone in the family is aware of pet hazards, safety plans and have access to a symptom tracker for emergencies. For more information, download the leading pet health symptom tracker available for download in the iTunes store at http://bit.ly/ipetvet.


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