Is the FOX NEWS “FOX & Friends” a good way to start ones political morning?

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Question by Caribou “LIPS” Barbie™: Is the FOX NEWS “FOX & Friends” a good way to start ones political morning?

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Answer by C B
As good as any I guess

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15 comments on “Is the FOX NEWS “FOX & Friends” a good way to start ones political morning?

  1. About as good of an idea as going to McDonalds for breakfast.

    Tastes great, leads to indigestion.

  2. I hope not, or I’ve been missing out on a lot, since I don’t watch television. But I suspect not. Something tells me it’s not worth my paying for cable over. ∠°)

  3. I have to wonder why you are always asking
    questions about FOX and Palin. It is very
    As for me, I like FOX and even though there’s
    TVs where I work, I don’t have time to watch it!

  4. Wouldn’t watch anything else!

  5. Honestly, I prefer the watching The Weather Channel in the morning. I prefer not to deal with those kind of shows until I actually wake up and get my day going. Plus I know what to expect with the weather 🙂

  6. Yeah if you like to start the day with a cartoon.

  7. I watch it, I like to wake up to those hot blondes!

  8. OHHHHH Morning Joe is Soooooooooo much more entertaining.

    Phuleeeeeze, what’s the alternative?

    Local traffic and weather?

  9. Fox is a horribly biased and censored News station. The only news i really trust is from the internet as it is the only media that is not 99% owned by corporations. That doesn’t meant that all the news on the internet is good let alone true but if you find a good site it can be very enlightening.

    And that Nazi guy does have point, most News on television is considered entertainment and is under no obligation to tell the truth. Personally i think this is very destructive to your country and only certified programs should be able to call themselves NEWS.

  10. Jordan Chandler

    Never watched
    I’m watching Glenn Beck now though
    I like Bill too
    I usually watch religious stuff in the morning
    Sometimes old cartoons like Tom & Jerry too

  11. I do it with coffee

  12. I prefer “Morning Joe”, but whatever floats your political boat.

  13. 孫子兵法! Lets lid up those cigars ?


    Some like morning Joe

    some fox & friends

  14. I don’t know, IS IT?

    I think liberals watch it more than we do.

  15. if you are a conservative who WANTS their head in the sand, sure, why not?

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