Is there truth to the “shaking the fish bag” myth?

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Question by : Is there truth to the “shaking the fish bag” myth?
So from Finding Nemo and also from some people I’ve heard that if you shake up the plastic bag the fish come in from the pet store they will die. I have heard that it has something to do with the amount of oxygen increasing in the water. Is this true? If not, what is the basis of the myth?

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Answer by Darren
It causes stress, stress is the biggest killer in fish in bags.

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  1. Shaking the bag adds a lot of stress. Too much stress= weakened immune system. Weakened immune system= infections, death.
    Same thing will happen to a human person if he/she is really stressed. It’s not healthy.

  2. It basically just bounces the fish off the “walls” and that causes lot of stress and that intern kills the fish.

  3. ask mythbusters

  4. They won’t automatically die, but they may sustain injuries, possibly even fatal ones.
    The hazard is not related to the amount of oxygen in the water, but in any case, more oxygen in the water would be good for the fish, not bad.
    The danger is that the fish will get physical injuries just from being knocked around inside the bag.
    It’s a really bad idea to shake up babies, dogs, cats, fish, or other living things.

  5. lets just say this its not a Myth

  6. The first answerer is right. Stress will kill the fish faster than the oxygen will. The myth is not really true though.

    Think about it – if you shake the bag, what’s going to happen? The water is going to slosh around, the fish will get confused and you’ll have a heart attack. NOT A GOOD IDEA THEN.

    The basis of the myth is from Finding Nemo though I don’t know why. Nemo didn’t die from that! Huh… it IS a good question.

  7. it is sorta true it depends on the type of bag they use if its styrafome then it’ll die or a type of plastic

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