it´s raining cats and dogs… adorable

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it´s raining cats and dogs… adorable

Image by TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³
parl´s Belle:

Steffe´s Svanspervot:

As it happens with most things and people in our lives, we come across many, but some, very few become special for us. There are a lot of pets I´ve seen so far in flickr, and many many of them that I like and find tender and lovable, but something different happened to me with these two here. I adopted them. I waited for photos of them, I faved almost all of them. With Belle was love at first sight, she´s one of a kind. And with Svanspervot was fatal attraction. I believe it is because I found him the real version of my beloved Garfield. Not just in looks, but in attitude as well. He passed away, something that was very sad for us all, Svansperv followers. I cried the loss.

Also, this attachment has to do with their owners, who are amazing people, parl and Steffe. I thank you for having shared with us these beautiful members of your families.

All readers, if you want some minutes of infinite tenderness, cuteness, funnyness, napness, animalness, innocenceness and loveness, I recommend that you visit both sets.

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8 comments on “it´s raining cats and dogs… adorable

  1. Garfield…hmmm… that would be third column ..third row 😛

  2. Gisela, Belle sends her tail-wags and licks of love to you along with her appreciation for all the ear scratches you’ve sent.

    She’s also asking me how much air travel is to Buenos Aires and wants to know if you have a pantry full of doggy treats.

    Belle says "woof"

  3. TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³

    Thank you, Gail, so much. I really feel almost no difference between the off and thew online worlds. I guess all the ones here feel the same in some degree. =)

    Pat, Kev, David and Barbara, thank you as well for your words. We share the love! 😉

  4. ... has left the building

    A dedication of a different kind – thank you, Gisela!

  5. alternatePhotography

    There is something so beautiful about animals: their openness and innocence perhaps, or their fresh reality that is separate from the world we are forced to live in as people. Very nice 🙂

  6. Oh, I remember Svanpervot- I’m sorry to see he has passed on, but he was well loved.

  7. Nice, Gisela!

  8. you have such a great online social sense, on top of an eye for animal charisma!

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