I’ve Got A Boar


I’m on a boat parody chronicling the tale of a young orc hunter. Lyrics: (Jerky) Stock up on bandages its about to go down Anybody in ORIG looking for group? LF tank and heals We running RFC, let’s go I’ve got a boar I’ve got a boar Everybody look at me and my elder mottled boar I’ve got a boar I’ve got a boar Take a good hard look at my common grey boar I’ve got a boar, all you noobies know that I’m the best Bee lining back and forth completing chain quests Got no cheetah aspect running across Durotar But you can’t stop me Allie griefers cause I’ve got a boar Take a screen, tot I’ve got a battlebot I’m drinkin cold milk so I can chain arcane shot I’ve got my dusty legs and my handstitched boots I’m in Razorwind Canyon farming for some fat loot I killed a crocolisk, he dropped Kron’s Amulet I took it back to his mum, though it was covered in spit But this is Warcraft; her configuration is set A million toons can run the quest ’cause she always forgets I’ve got a boar and he’s got boar’s speed and he kicks up dust as he charges across the red sand I’m the king of the horde with a pet like Misha If you’re in Longshore then you’re sure not me-ah Ess Tee Eff You – This boar is real! Screw imps, I got a boar, warlock Allies Screw bubble, I got range, stupid pallies Gold doesn’t mean a thing, poser twinkies Can’t wait to farm some rep from the dailies. Hey Thrall if you could see his tricks Tanking four mobs while my mend pet ticks Gonna get a boar mount from Eyonix On the

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7 comments on “I’ve Got A Boar

  1. HA! I love it. Hunters REPRESENT!

  2. Wowconfidentialcom

    lol hilarious, good editing

  3. demonhunter187

    I remember when i grab my first pet was same thing heh

  4. hahaha so funneh

  5. mybloodyrevenge17

    awesome job xD

  6. lmao, on the hunter forums anything is possible!

  7. LOL! INSTA LOVE <3 Thanks for posting this on petopia 😛

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