Jumps Racing Should Be Banned, So Why Isnt It?

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Question by DarkEmber_x: Jumps Racing Should Be Banned, So Why Isnt It?
I am not a huge fan of Racing of all kinds but when i hear on the TV or Radio or in the news “Another horse has been put down due to falling in another jumps race” it makes you think then why arent they stopping them?
Horses are not built to jump when they have been running full speed, they need to slow down to allow enough time to make the jump bt where as these horses are forces to do full speed jumps no wonder so many of then have to be put down.
Why should horses die for our entertainment? They cant make up their own choices and say they dont want to do jumps racing. Im sure if you could ASK the horses if they wanted to, many would say no with the risks involved!
Jumps racing has to be banned to save many horses from terrible deaths all because they ran that one race.
If people dont agree with me id love to hear it, for one im doing a project on it and im really concerned about this issue. People wont stop jumps racing cause its entertainment value, its not enertainment for the horses, its a life or death cry, if they were people and had the oportunity to do this i can assure you, they wouldnt.
How many people agree or dissagree with me here? What are your reasons?
.. and for people who say;
“if they didnt like it they wouldnt do it”
Thats not neccesarily true, they have no choice, they are forced into Jumps Racing and have no way to get out, they cant TELL you they dont want to do it, they just have to for your entertainment, Just because they are horses, animals, doesnt mean they get treated like second class citizens they still live and breathe like the rest of us. I love my animals and my pets, the thought of people being so mean and cruel to them makes me real angry, how could they?

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Answer by Jess
To begin with Jumps Racing is usually a last ditch effort to find a place for a horse cause otherwise its off to the knackery. These horses have raced on the flat – and failed, they’ve been put up for sale and no one wants them. So its this or the Knackery, so sure a few horses die a terrible death each year from falls, but alot of horses are alive because they have a home and something to do. Also these animals are extremely well looked after, they get plenty of food, vet and farrier visits often, and get worked every day so they stay fit and healthy. Alot more than some horses get.

If a horse doesn’t want to do something they tell you, trust me. Ever worked with a horse that doesn’t want to do something – they do tell you. Thats why they play up or just all out refuse to do it. These animals weigh about 500kg you really think that us humans can make them do what we want, not really.

You are one of the people though that is against jumps racing and ACTUALLY knows whats wrong with the sport. It’s speed, they go way to fast and that is what causes the falls. So to try and slow the horses down they make the races longer and the jumps bigger, and yes this may sound stupid and something that would make things worse, but it does help. It’s nice to see someone who is against the sport who actually knows whats wrong, its a nice change.

Recently Jumps Racing here in Australia came to a hault and an inquiry was held into the safety of the sport. After about a week they decided to let the sport continue. And so they should, because when you think about it, its the same for all equine sports, well the high level ones. Dressage is unnatural, Jumping is very fast and the jumps are high. Cross – Country is very similar to Jumps Racing just a bit slower. Reining, Cutting, Barrel Racing etc is very bad for the horses joints, all that running and stopping and turning.

So there’s my thoughts on the matter.

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  1. Never seen what a wild horse gets up to with your own eyes, have you?

    Sentence and argument construction leads me to believe we know you by another ID.

    Go join PETA, tell someone who cares.

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