Komodo dragon playing at the National Zoo

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This is a video of Kraken, a female Komodo dragon raised at the National Zoo in Washington, DC, with her keeper Trooper Walsh. A group of researchers led by Gordon M. Burghardt of the University of Tennessee conducted 31 experiments with Kraken over the course of 2 years to observe her interactions with a variety of objects, with and without her keeper present, and sometimes marked with different scents. Her behavior with food or blood-scented items differed from her behavior with other objects, and this video of her stealing a handkerchief from the pocket of her keeper is an example of behavior that looks suspiciously like a puppy playing….
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5 comments on “Komodo dragon playing at the National Zoo

  1. damn they’re strong beasts.

  2. u dumbass if it could bite u u would die with in a week cus of the poision

  3. that fat dude had plenty of meat on his fat ass for that hungry dragon, what a moron
    whats the point in this, Oh I can touch a komodo im cool look at me ??

  4. @readynow12345

    You’re an idiot. The fact that Komodo Dragons “play” is an interesting scientific discovery that the “fat dude” was displaying for the people watching. Stop being such a fucktard and realize not everyone does things to look cool for their 12 year old buddies.

  5. You’re calling a keeper at the National Zoo a dumbass? You don’t think he just might be a trained professional that is used to working with these animals? Or do you think they just let people off the streets into enclosures to play with the animals? GTFOH you assclown.

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