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Quick video I made about the cruelty inflicted on lab animals. All other anti-animal testing groups focus on the kittes and puppies and bunnies. But the rat is probably the most abused animal in our laboratories.

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  1. This was beautiful. Thank you for making this ziggy ;.;

  2. Made me cry…

  3. ok this is wrong and sick ! ima 16year old male and i cryd my eyes red !! if i was to ever find the assholes who would do someting like this to an inocent creature witha soul i will kill them !! i am not a violent man of nature but i will kill them !! alf for life !!!!

  4. 🙁 it’s just unfair… when i see this kind of things i hate to be a human..

  5. Thank you for making this.
    I cried
    I shook
    I have been an animal lover all my life
    This is just like killing another human
    Killing poor little rats 🙁
    They are one of the best animals there are
    And this is the treatment they get…
    Thats terrible 🙁
    Like Monczalos said..
    Its unfair.
    It makes you a little dissapointed to know that humans do this =/

  6. killerwhales90210

    i got so angry watching this. i remember attending Bel-Rea, a vet tech school dedicated to animal welfare…how cold and indifferent the staff and many students were towards rats, because they’re “expendable rodents.”

    it breaks my heart but it needs to be said.

    thank you for making it

    and awesome use of Portishead…<3

  7. And this is how misanthropists are made.

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