Learn EVERYTHING about organic holistic PET FOOD!!!


World famous Dr. G’s Martin Glinsky Ph.D. tells us exactly why his organic, natural, fresh, holistic pet food for dogs and cats is the best money can buy. After 30 years companies everywhere are now using the techniques of incorporating fresh ingredients that he developed. To the delight of millions of pets Dr. G’s formulas are now the standard for healthy and delicious. NOT SOLD IN STORES so you must go to www.drgsfreshpetfood.com When you visit his website you will read why the best ingredients are used and why it all comes down to the amount we feed versus special marketing. Dr. G’s pet food is made FRESH when you order it and sent out immediately! With Free shipping within the US every cat and dog deserves some today. His website is full of extremely informative facts about pet health and nutrition. A true pioneer Dr. G has dog and cat formulas that are the originals in the industry. Go to http and buy some today. All your pets will thank you. Thanx again Dr. Glinsky for being there for our pooches and kittens health and see you very soon!!!
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  1. Sweet. Nice job Dr. G!

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