lets c if you know how to do this?

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Question by ♥luv4eve♥: lets c if you know how to do this?
lets c if you know how to do this thing if u know every right answer of this information you will OR might get BEST ANSWER!

# Include the folktale “Title,” Book, and Author of the folktale in your introduction paragraph. Briefly describe the THEME, or statement, lesson, or generalization that is the underlying message in the story.
# Explain at least 3 pieces of EVIDENCE that support the theme from the folktale in at least three separate paragraphs. One of the pieces of evidence must be about the PROTAGONIST (main, good character) and ANTAGONIST (main, bad character), how they act and what may happen to each in support of the story’s theme.
# Conclude by tying up the loose ends and reinstating what evidence supports the theme of the folktale

okay so here is every thing u need to know okay here we go!(good luck!):The title is Stories from around the world but the story is called The Singing Toad the author is Usborne

HERE IS THE WHOLE STORY!!!:Every morning,an old farmer and his three sons would walk out in the hot sunshine to see how the corn was growing in their fields.”Soon be ready for harvesting”,the farmer would growl.One morning,when they looked at the corn,they saw that someone,or something,had torn up the plants in one corner of a field,and eaten all of the ripe cobs.”Who’s been here in the night?” the farmer shouted,angrily.the three sons searched around but they couldn’t find any footprints or any sign of the thief.”Tonight you must watch the field and catch the robber”, the old farmer said to his eldest son.That evening,the eldest son picked up his gun and a corn cake and set off for the field.On the way,he came across a well.Sitting by it was a toad,singing.”Be quiet.You have a horrible voice and that’s a horrible song.Be quiet now,or you’ll frighten away the thief I’ve come to catch,” the eldest son ordered the toad.”Please give me a piece of your corn cake,”croaked the toad.”No, I want it all,” shouted the eldest son.The toad opened its mouth and sang an even louder and longer song.”If you won’t be quiet,I’ll make you”,shouted the eldest son.He picked up the toad and dropped it into the well.Then he walked away and sat down at the edge of the corn field.All night,he sat by the field but heard and saw nothing.In the early morning,he was amazed to see that more corn plants had been torn up and the cobs eaten.He had to go back to his father and tell him the bad news.”You must go this evening and watch field,”the father said to his second son.Just as the sun was setting,the second son took his gun and a corn cake and walked to the field.When he reached the well,there was the toad,singing a long,loud song.”What a terrible noise.Please be quiet,”shouted the second son.The second son.The toad stopped singing.”Give me a piece of your corn cake,please,”it croaked.”No,it’s mine and i want it all,”said the second son.The toad started to sing again,even louder this time.”That’s enough,”shouted the second son and,picking up the toad by one leg,he flung it down the well.Then he walked away and sat down by the corn field.All night, the second son sat by the field of corn,but he heard and saw nothing.In the morning,more corn had been torn up and eaten and he had to tell his father that he hadn’t caught the thief.The next morning,the farmer sent his youngest son to guard the corn.The son walked slowly to the field, afraid that if his 2 brothers couldn’t catch the thief,he,too,would fail.He stopped when he heard the toad singing by the well.”What a fine voice you have and that’s a wonderful song,”he said.”Glad you like it”,croaked the toad,and sang even louder and longer song.”Will you give me a piece of of your corn cake?”it croaked,when it had finished.”Certainly,help yourself”, said the youngest son,and he put the whole cake down in front of the toad.When the toad had gobbled up the last crumbs,it said,”Since you’ve been so kind,I’ll tell you a secret.At the bottom of this well,there’s a magic emerald.It can grant wishes.You may have three wishes.”Thank you”,said the son.He thought for a while.”Can I have anything,anything like?” he asked.”Anything or anyone”, croaked the toad.”Then I would like a wife,” said the son.”You’d better decide what sort of wife you’d like before you wish,and you’d better have a house for her to live in”,croaked the toad.”Now,lean over the well,say what you wish and don’t mumble”.The son looked down the well at the cool water.”I wish for a wife who is kind,beautiful and a good cook,a fine house near the well,and that I catch the corn thief”, he said very loudly and very clearly.”Now we must go to the field,”croaked the toad.The son picked up the toad, put it on his shoulder,and with the toad singing loudly,walked to the corn field.The sun was just setting over the distant mountains when a huge white bird appeared in the sky.It flew down to the filed and started tearing at the corn cobs.The toad hopped over to it and sta

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Answer by [P]anic
To me, it sounds remarkably like a homework assignment .

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  1. ummmm wow…do ur own hw hahah or ask ur friends to do it

  2. Wow. way to disguise a homework assignment to sound like a stimulating challenge. But anyone smart enough to answers your “questions” is probably also smart enough to realize that your full of it. do your homework. quit being lazy and burdening others with your problems.

  3. Really?

    This is the most blatant homework attempt this week! Merely saying “this is not homework” does not in fact make it “not homework.”

    Are you little children really this lazy and sad and pathetic and without the ability to think critically on your own these days? You cannot read that story and answer those questions yourself? Come on!

  4. do your own homework!

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