Let’s Help the Grass Roots Pet Rescues!

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Love love this women and her organization. She works full time cleaning houses but that does not stop her from living her passion which is helping the poor doggies in her community. I am proud to support her and I hope you will be too. hollysgarden.com

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17 comments on “Let’s Help the Grass Roots Pet Rescues!

  1. people who do rescues are angels! Congrats on adopting Pookie, what a sweetie!
    I call all my pets pookie for some reason, lol!

  2. Its funny because my cats name was poopie -(after winnie the pooh but Id call him pooh -pee) but my brother refused to say his name so he’d call him pookie. xoxo

  3. I know this lady from twitter! She does great work!

  4. Congrats on your new baby.

  5. i recently rescued a male pit who was hit be a vehicle in 100 degree weather. he was such a cutie– if i could i’d take all dogs in, but i’m thinking my other 2 wouldn’t like the idea too much. congratulations on your family member– pookie is very lucky!

  6. Great work !!
    Fantastic !!

  7. OMGosh it’s a whole house full of baileydogs! To cute and such wonderful people to love them all, just wonderful!

  8. she does great wokk!!dogs are so cute~~
    If i afford to take care that dogs, I really hope so.

  9. Very nice video man. Thanks for sharing!
    You could like this one too.

  10. omg samson is so like my cava-tuz baxter look it up….auds80

  11. sweet dogs

  12. Im 15 years old and from B.S

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    ~~ Solo to the Low song

  13. lol

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  17. sweet dogs

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